Air Quality Solutions For Schools

air quality solutions for schools

Air Pollution In Schools

Schools are a type of built environment where children and teachers spend half of their day. People present in schools experience bad odor, poor ventilation, increased dust concentration which can affect their productivity. Along with this, light and noise are major problems.

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Who Are At Risk In Schools?

People with different health conditions and tolerance power are present at schools. Thus, indoor air pollutants can have serious health impacts on the diverse group.

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Impeccable Solutions

With the increasing toll of indoor air pollution and its significant impact on human health, Prana Air provides a wide range of services and solutions for air quality monitoring. The services include Air Quality Monitors and Fresh Air Machines.


Air Quality Monitors

Prana Air Monitor

Helps you to know the quality of air present. It is cost-effective and easily portable.


Installed with special sensors that continuously monitor the concentration of parameters like particulate matter, carbon dioxide, HCHO, tVOCs.

Particulate Matter

It is a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets. PM contains dust, dirt, soot and smoke.

Carbon Dioxide

The level of CO2 depicts the ventilation. Higher CO2 levels show that the area is poorly ventilated.


It is a colorless gas that has a strong smell. This gas is released from products made using wood such as tables, boards, plywoods, chairs, etc.


It is a total volatile organic compound. The presence of tVOCs regulates odor.

Prana Air squair+ air quality monitor

SQUAIR Monitor

  • PM10, PM2.5, CO2, TVOC, HCHO, Temperature & Humidity.
  • Wi-Fi, GSM, and RS-485 BMS connectivity in a single instrument
  • Real-time & historic data dashboards
  • Micro SD card and cloud storage
  • Mobile applications for both Android and IOS
prana air sensible plus air quality monitor

Sensible Monitor

  • Parameters: PM 10, PM 2.5, CO2, TVOC, HCHO, Temperature, and Humidity.
  • Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity Concentration of each pollutant is displayed
  • Storage type: Micro SD card and cloud storage
  • Easy access to mobile and web dashboard
  • Compact design with accurate and reliable data.

Fresh Air Machine

It filters pollutants present in the indoor environment and provides contamination-free air. It contains carbon layers and HEPA filters of 12-13 grade. It reduces bad air regulation and increases fresh air regulation. Its installation is easy in pre-constructed buildings. The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) for formaldehyde is 200 m3/h and for PM is 200 m3/h. The coverage area is 24-41m2 with a 99.05% filtration rate for PM 2.5. Installation is done in areas that have no traditional filtering methods installed.


prana air fresh air machine in schools

Interesting Facts

Floor Plan

AQI of every class on every floor is displayed on the web dashboard. With one click, the complete dashboard for every room/ classroom and floor can be viewed. Monitors on every floor will display the average AQI, the concentration of indoor parameters, temperature, and humidity present on the floor. The color coding will help to identify which room or floor is having good, moderate, and bad AQI.

prana air floor plan solutions in schools

Scan the Monitor’s QR Code
& Know the Quality of Air Inside the Classroom

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AQI Widgets

Integration of monitor data to the school websites can be done using AQI widgets.

aqi monitor's widgets

AQI TV Dashboard App

At the reception area, the TV dashboard displays real-time AQI of every floor, average AQI of the school building. The dashboard also displays a comparison between indoor and outdoor AQI. The dashboard will display complete structured real-time AQI data of the floor with respective rooms in the tree view.

aqi tv dashboard at school reception

aqi tv dashboard in classroom

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    Our Clientele

    We are the proud collaborator with some of the reputed names of different industries.

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    Industry Applications

    Air Quality Monitoring in Hotels

    It is very crucial to monitor air quality in hotels because it directly impacts the experience of guests and occupants. Suffocation, bad odor, breathing difficulties, etc., are all signs of bad air quality in hotels.

    Air Quality Monitoring at Airport

    The major problem at airports for air quality is emissions from aircrafts and high number of occupants. There are many departments at airports which contribute to air quality such as sanitation, sewage treatment plants, parking garages, aircraft operations etc.

    Air Quality Data on Air Conditioner

    The major pollutant in rooms with air conditioners is CO2 as all the doors and windows are closed with moderate occupancy. Monitoring can help them in adopting some preventive measure to improve indoor air quality and reduce negative health impacts.

    Air Quality Data on Smart Phones

    In today’s era, smart phone is like 207th human bone without which nobody can function. The access to air quality data on smart phones can help people in identifying the areas having poor AQI along with the concentration of pollutants.