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    prana air co2 sensor

    Prana Air Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensor 1 PPM Resolution 47.87$ 47.87$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Prana Air Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensor is an infrared NDIR sensor for the measurement of carbon dioxide gas. It is a highly accurate, responsive, energy-efficient, and low-cost sensor. This sensor is easy to integrate and has long-term stability.

    Product Features:

    – Range: 0-10000 ppm,

    – Type of Sensor: NDIR sensor

    – Resolution: 1 PPM

    – Accuracy: ± 200 ppm ± 2%

    prana air no2 sensor

    NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor From: 119.85$ Know Moreadd to cart

    The NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide sensor has been created with finesse and precision, and finds its applications in:

    • Air Quality Monitoring Equipment
    • Industrial Safety Equipment
    • Automobile Equipment
    • Regulatory Instruments at Power Plants and Oil Refineries
    • Vehicular Emission Detectors and Controlers
    • Gas Detectors for commercial and food manufacturing units
    • Retrofitting devices for DG sets
    prana air carbon monoxide co sensor

    CO Sensor From: 119.85$ Know Moreadd to cart

    The sensor comes packed with the cutting edge technology of electrochemical detection of the highly toxic CO gas. The characteristic features of CO sensor include:

    • Type: Electrochemical Sensor
    • Range: 0 – 500 PPM
    • Resolution: 0.1 PPM
    • Highly responsive and accurate
    • Good energy efficiency