Air Conditioner AC Filter

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A wondrous AC filter with nanofibers to filter out up to 99.7% of biological and particulate contaminants in your room. Convert your AC as air purifier with Prana Air AC (Air Conditioner) filter compatible with the split ACs of any brand and tonnage.

– Created with Finesse: The mesh of electrospun nanofibers infused with antimicrobial additives capture the tiniest of airborne particles.

– Epitome of Excellence: Filters out particles of size up to 100 nanometers (0.1 microns) with an efficiency of 99.7% including particulates, bacteria and viruses.

– Compatible: Compatible with the split ACs of any brand and tonnage.

– Long-lasting:  Has an estimated long life of 200-500 hours based on the indoor air quality.

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Prana Air AC Filter

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