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    Outdoor PM2.5 Sensor

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    Prana Air PM2.5 laser sensor is an industrial grade laser digital PM2.5 sensor. Built in laser and photoelectric receiving module, the principle of light scattering is adopted. The scattered light generated by laser on particles is transtormed from photoelectric receiving device to electrical signal, and then PM2.5 mass concentration and PM10 mass concentration are calculated by specific algorithm.

      PM2.5 and PM10 detection

     Laser sensor with light scattering

     Moisture-proof circuit board

     Anti-dust duct

     Fast detection

    prana air co2 sensor

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    El sensor Prana Air Carbon Dioxide CO2 es un sensor infrarrojo NDIR para la medición de gas de dióxido de carbono. Es un sensor de alta precisión, capacidad de respuesta, eficiencia energética y bajo costo. Este sensor es fácil de integrar y tiene estabilidad a largo plazo.

    Características del Producto:

    – Rango: 0-10000 ppm,

    – Tipo de Sensor: sensor NDIR

    – Resolución: 1PPM

    – Precisión: ± 200 ppm ± 2%

    prana air ammonia nh3 sensor

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    Use Prana Air’s cutting-edge electrochemical sensor, which can detect ammonia concentrations of 50 ppm, to monitor ammonia (NH3).

    prana air chlorine cl2 sensor

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    Prana Air chlorine sensor with 50 ppm of electrochemical technology accurately detects chlorine gas levels. Designed to provide reliable results, this sensor is a cost-effective solution for ensuring workplace safety and compliance. Get yours today and experience peace of mind knowing that you are protected from harmful chlorine gas exposure.

    prana air no2 sensor

    Sensor de dióxido de nitrógeno NO2 From: 120.16$ Know Moreadd to cart

    El sensor de Dióxido de Nitrógeno NO2 ha sido creado con delicadeza y precisión, y encuentra sus aplicaciones en: