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Incepted from a personal experience of not being able to breathe fresh air, Prana Air came to life when people questioned the safety of their lives. No city in the country is immune to pollution anymore. Therefore, here is why we aim to address the issue at a mass level. So, Purelogic Labs India launched Prana Air, an e-commerce platform. The aim is to ensure the best of the air quality for both indoors and outdoors. We understand the constant fight against the rising concern of the air pollution. As a result, after a series of testing, our prototypes and satisfactory customer validation, we offer you an effective air purifier and pollution mask. It improves the quality of the air you breathe.

Located in New Delhi, India, Prana Air manufacturing unit is based in Shenzhen, China and is importing, specialized air purifier and pollution face mask for the safety of your health.

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Established in 2016, Purelogic Labs India is an initiative to increase awareness about air pollution in India. As consciousness about poor air in the society grows people will want to take some action to protect themselves. So, based on this premise, Purelogic Labs established Prana Air for providing the best clean air solution in India. Therefore, Prana Air’s mission is to provide high quality, yet affordable, anti-pollution solutions, protecting people from the life-threatening effects of the polluted air.


Our Vision

Our vision at Prana Air is to make Delhi – and India as a whole – a safe place to live, making use of innovation, modern technology and reasonable pricing.

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Based in New Delhi, India, our office counts with a diverse and multicultural team. Young, passionate and motivated members from India, Brazil, China, Egypt, Sudan, Sweden and Taiwan have joined on board towards a sustainable environment and a healthier life

Prana Air Team

Rohit Bansal


Native from India and living in China from the last (ten) years, the Founder and CEO of Purelogic Labs India has been dealing with air pollution for quite a long time – until he decided to do something about it. One of his first projects was the successful E.T. scooter, an electric, sustainable and portable vehicle of transportation.

Huang Tongqing


Our Co-founder and Director is based in China and has been working for several years establishing Royalplay Green Technologies, the great mother of Prana Air. With a degree in Business Management, he has placed a lot of effort in many projects towards sustainability, such as solar power and hydrogen-fuel tanks.