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Prana Air Clean Air Quality Solutions
For Home & Commercial

Comes with a HEPA and Activated Carbon Filter

The Grade-13 HEPA filter in the Fresh Air Machine eliminates hazardous bacteria, viruses, and other tiny particles such as allergens, dust, and fine particle matters present in the air. It also has the Activated Carbon layer which is made up of microscopic carbon particles that react chemically with organic substances in the air, causing them to attach to the filter.

Promising you 99.9% efficiency

The Fresh Air Machine offers you an efficiency of 99.9 percent. This means that out of all the unwanted particles in the air, 99.9% of them are filtered by our machine and garden-fresh air enters your house.

Large Coverage Area ensures more fresh air

Unlike the other Fresh Air Machines present in the market that barely covers the size of a room, Prana Air Fresh Air Machine promises you a 1000 square feet of coverage area. This means that our machine will work with utmost perfection in a very large room or two small rooms easily.

Compact Design makes it easy to place

We don’t aspire to take all the space in your house with our Prana Air Fresh Air Machine, so we have a compact design that ensures maximum optimization of each and every centimeter of space taken by the machine.

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Let’s Find Out How Prana Air Fresh Air Machine
Purifies Indoor Air Quality.

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