Chlorine Cl2 Sensor
50 PPM Range


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prana air chlorine cl2 sensor

Cl2 Sensor 50 PPM

Prana Air’s chlorine sensor is a combination of mature electrochemical detection technology and sophisticated circuit design It is a tightly combined module, designed, and manufactured for general-purpose and industrial gas modules.

Our electrochemical chlorine gas module is a general-purpose module that uses the electrochemical principle to detect Cl2 existing in the air. It has good selectivity and stability, built-in temperature sensor for temperature compensation; with digital output and analog voltage output at the same time, easy to use.

Chlorine (Cl2) gas is a yellowish green gas with a strong smell that is used for a number of things, including disinfection, water treatment, manufacturing, paper making, the textile industry, bleaching, and pharmaceuticals. Highly reactive chlorine gas can be hazardous if handled incorrectly. When working with chlorine gas, it’s crucial to adhere to the appropriate safety precautions. It’s crucial to remember that using chlorine gas in business demands cautious handling and safety measures because, if used improperly, it may be extremely harmful. Chlorine gas must be used safely in industrial applications, hence appropriate safety precautions and standards must be followed.

Why to Choose Prana Air Chlorine (Cl2) Sensor ?


The sensor enables seamless installation in a wide range of settings, regardless of size, while also enhancing its versatility for use in both handheld and stationary devices. 


The Cl2 sensor boasts an impressively long service life of nearly 18,000 hours, providing peace of mind when it comes to calibration and potential breakdowns.

Highly Responsive

The impressive speed ensures that you can quickly detect and respond to any changes in Cl2 levels, helping to prevent any potential health hazards or damage to the environment.

Energy Efficient

Our sensors not only provide accurate readings but are also energy-efficient, so you don’t have to worry about high energy consumption.

Individual Calibrated

To ensure precise observations, our chlorine sensors undergo individual calibration for each device before integration.

RoHS Compliant

Our sensors are designed and manufactured with the highest standards of environmental responsibility, ensuring that they are free from any hazardous substances.

Technology We Use

What technology is being used in Chlorine (Cl2) Sensor?

Our Chlorine sensor operates based on the electrochemical gas sensing technique, which is known for its high accuracy and sensitivity. This sensor is designed as an amperometric fuel cell, capable of measuring the concentration of Cl2 gas in the air. The sensing mechanism consists of two electrodes, a working electrode, and a counter electrode, along with an ion conductor acting as an electrode bridge. As the gas passes through the sensor, an oxidation-reduction reaction takes place between the electrodes, producing a current that is directly proportional to the concentration of chlorine present in the air. With this advanced and precise sensing technology, our monitors can provide real-time monitoring of Cl2 levels in a variety of settings, ensuring optimal safety and environmental protection.

prana air chlorine cl2 sensor with digital board

Cl2 Sensor Calibration

Calibration of the chlorine sensor is comparing the standard measurement with your device’s measurement. To calibrate the sensor, 23 + 3oC temperature, 50 + 15% relative humidity, 0.9-1.1atm pressure, and air velocity of 0.05m/s were used as standard environmental conditions. The accuracy and traceability of measurement are also determined by calibration. For calibration, the NIST standard of gas cylinders is used for reference.

prana air chlorine cl2 sensor with digital board banner
prana air chlorine cl2 sensor with digital board

Technical Indicators of 50 PPM Cl2 Sensor

Parameter Value
Measurement Range 0~50 PPM
Resolution 0.01 PPM
Output Data  UART output (3.3V level)
Response Time < 30 seconds
Recovery Time ≤60 seconds
Sensitivity @ 200 mV bias  25 +/- 10 nA/ppm
Service Life 2 years (-20℃~50℃ in air)
Operating Temperature Range -20℃~50℃
Operating Humidity Range – non-condensing 15%RH – 90%RH (no condensation)
Operating Voltage  3.7V~5.5V
Module size  L27mm × W25mm × H22mm


Applications of Cl2 Sensor

use of chlorine cl2 sensor for disinfection system


cl2 sensor for odor monitoring system

Odor Monitoring

use of cl2 sensor in paper industry

Paper Industry

cl2 sensor for water treatment plants

Treatment Plants

cl2 sensor for food and beverage processing

Food and beverage

chlorine air quality monitoring equipment

Air quality monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions
(Cl2 Sensor)

What is a Cl2 sensor?

A Cl2 sensor is a tool that analyzes and calculates the amount of chlorine gas present in the atmosphere or another gaseous environment.

What are the factors that can affect the sensor from working?

The factors such as water, salt contamination, operation at high temperatures, and low humidity for a prolonged period can affect the performance of the sensor.

How does a Cl2 sensor work?

The Cl2 sensors employ an electrochemical gas sensing method, in which an oxidation and reduction reaction generates a current proportional to the amount of Cl2 present.

What are some factors that have to be kept in mind while using the sensor?

Electrolyte leakage will cause damage, please do not disassemble the sensor at will. Measuring the gas at zero point must be carried out in a clean atmosphere.

Why is it important to monitor Cl2 levels?

At high concentrations, chlorine gas is poisonous and can be bad for both people’s health and the environment. Monitoring Cl2 levels can aid in protecting the environment and helping to maintain worker safety.

Will the sensor come with a digital board?

The sensor does not come with a digital board; if needed, an additional purchase of a digital board and the microcontroller is recommended.

What is the safe level of exposure for Cl2?

The specific situation and duration of exposure determine the permissible level of chlorine gas (Cl2) indoors. Nonetheless, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has established a permissible exposure limit (PEL) for Cl2 in the workplace over an 8-hour workday of 1 ppm (parts per million). For a 10-hour workday, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has established a recommended exposure limit (REL) for Cl2 of 0.5 ppm.

What connectivity is used in the Cl2 sensor?

Prana Air provides our own solution for the connectivity of the sensor through a USB microcontroller and digital board to UART Bridge.

Is there any warranty on the sensor?

Prana Air provides 6 months warranty on the sensor only on manufacturing defects.

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