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The major problem within the hotel spaces is the number of people or occupancy. People belong to different countries and the AQI of every country is different. People coming from different regions might bring different variants of covid-19 virus with them. Direct link between CO2 level and virus transmission is seen as it is airborne and the most cost effective method to control transmission is to monitor CO2 levels in hotels.

Air Quality Problems in Hotels

high carbon dioxide co2 gas

High Carbon Dioxide

staff low productivity

Staff Low Productivity

poor ventilation

Poor Ventilation

bad odor

Bad Odor

Air Quality Monitoring In Hotels

With the increasing toll of indoor air pollution and its significant impact on human health, Prana Air provides a wide range of services for air quality monitoring. The services include air quality monitors & air quality sensors. Air quality monitoring hardware will be integrated with AQI ( to store the data & track real-time air quality data.

– Particulate Matters : It is a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets. PM contains dust, dirt, soot and smoke.

– Carbon Dioxide : The level of CO2 depicts the ventilation. Higher CO2 levels show that the area is poorly ventilated.

– HCHO : It is a colorless gas that have strong smell, released from products made using woods such as table, boards, ply-woods, chairs etc.

– TVOC : It is total volatile organic compounds. The presence of TVOCs regulates odor.

Cost effective and easily portable.

Insightful Air Quality Dashboard By AQI

AQI of every room on every floor is displayed on the web dashboard. With one click, the complete dashboard for every room and floor can be viewed. Monitors on every floor will display the average AQI, concentration of indoor parameters, temperature and humidity present on floor. The color coding will help to identify which room or floor is having good, moderate and bad AQI. Real time data is viewed on mobile application and website. For example, if a building is installed with 60 monitors, real time data for all monitors can be viewed.

air quality monitoring in hotel floor

Scanning the QR code outside rooms, lobby, conference halls. Party halls, bars, gyms, pool area, cafes and restaurants will help people in identifying areas having good AQI.

aqi qr code
scan air quality qr code

Air Quality Widgets

aqi widgets and data for hotel


aqi air quality dashboard

How Does Prana Air Help Hotels On Air Quality Monitoring?

– Chances of covid-19 transmission increases with increase in CO2 exhalation by occupants and hence monitoring CO2 will add a benefit.

– Monitoring will help outsiders to check AQI of hotel. Continuous monitoring will increase staff’s productivity.

– Monitoring will aid in high maintenance cost Hospitality is increased with monitoring.

– Continuous monitoring and controlling measures will reduce negative health impacts.

– Monitoring will aid in identifying poor ventilation systems.

– Air Quality of hotel can be maintained by following proper BMS.

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    Industry Applications

    Air Quality Monitoring in Airport

    The major problem at airports for air quality is emissions from aircrafts and high number of occupants. There are many departments at airports which contribute to air quality such as sanitation, sewage treatment plants, parking garages, aircraft operations etc.

    Air Quality Monitoring For Real Estate

    Air quality around can have negative as well as positive impacts on residents. Poor AQI causes suffocation, asthma, eyes, nose & throat irritations, etc. To promote well-being of residents, monitoring of air quality is beneficial.

    Air Quality Data on Air Conditioner

    The major pollutant in rooms with air conditioners is CO2 as all the doors and windows are closed with moderate occupancy. Monitoring can help them in adopting some preventive measure to improve indoor air quality and reduce negative health impacts.

    Air Quality Data on Smart Phones

    In today’s era, smart phone is like 207th human bone without which nobody can function. The access to air quality data on smart phones can help people in identifying the areas having poor AQI along with the concentration of pollutants.