prana air breathalyzer portable alcohol tester
prana air breathalyzer alcohol detector
prana air portable breathalyzer device
prana air breathalyzer device


Alcohol Detector

Handheld | Fast Detect | Very Accurate
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Prana Air Breathalyzer is the ultimate portable device for accurate alcohol detection. With its cutting-edge fuel cell technology, you can rely on precise and trustworthy results. Ensure safety and peace of mind wherever you go with this highly accurate and convenient breathalyzer.

Order yours today and prioritize responsible drinking.


Qualitative features of the Breathalyzer

Experience the Power of Precision with our Sleek, Compact Alcohol Detector – Your Perfect Companion for Responsible Decisions.

  • compact size

    Compact and Portable

  • reliable icon

    Accurate and Reliable

  • stable data icon

    Stable Performance

  • Contactless Testing

    Contactless Testing

  • fuel cell sensor

    GB05 Fuel Cell

  • on board storage

    On-Board Storage

prana air breathalyzer alcohol tester features

contactless breathalyzer icon Contactless

Alcohol Detection

Accurately measures BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) and alcohol concentration to eliminate drunk driving risks. Make responsible decisions and protect yourself and others on the road with Prana Air Breathalyzer, ensuring accurate results.

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Key functions

prana air breathalyzer fey functions
  • Air


  • Screen


  • Power


  • Product


    Prana Air Breathalyzer: Blending sleek design, palm-sized convenience, and compact dimensions for effortless portability and accurate alcohol detection on the go.

  • prana air breathalyzer dimension
  • do you know icon

    According to the Traffic Injury Prevention study, 2-33% of injured and 6-48% of those who died in road traffic accidents had consumed alcohol. In 2019, there were 12,256 accidents caused by drunk driving, with 5,325 people killed and 10,564 injured.

Simplified Operation

One-Button Operation, Just Switch On and Blow into the Air Inlet.

man using breathalyzer easily

Instant Results at Your Fingertips

Get Accurate BAC Measurements within Seconds!

  • less then
  • 10s Response time
prana air real-time alcohol detector


One-Button Operation, Just Switch On and Blow into the Air Inlet.

bottle icon
  • No Alcohol

  • 0~0.10mg/l
  • Alcohol

  • 0.10~0.40mg/l
  • High Alcohol

  • 0.40~1.00mg/l

*0.08%BAC means 0.08g (80mg) of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

data export feature in prana air breathalyzer device

connectivity iconData Export

Download the recorded data in Excel file format with the help of a type-C data cable.

  • data storage icon
  • Storable

    1000 records

Fuel Cell breathalyzer accuracy

Type Electrochemical Alcohol tester

Independent Gb05 fuel cell alcohol detector with compact size, highly sensitive electrochemical sensor for accurate breath alcohol detection.

Fuel Cell


prana air breathalyzer fuel cell sensor


had the highest number of road traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths as compared to any other country in the world. People killed in drunk driving-related traffic accidents account for 3.5% of all road fatalities. (Report by Ministry Road Transport and Highways)

prana air breathalyzer data accuracy with fuel cell sensor

Detection Type

Accurate Alcohol Level Measurement, No False Positives. Detects Alcohol Levels in:

  • mg/L
  • mg/dL
  • %BAC
  • cold drink
  • garlic icon
  • onion icon
  • carrot icon
  • milk icon
  • food smell icon

Prana Air vs. Existing Breathalyzers

A Comprehensive Comparison for Better Decision Making



  • Fuel Cell Sensor :
  • Alcohol Test :
  • Data Export :
  • Onion, Garlic Smell:
  • Price :
  • Accuracy :
  • Weight :
  • Portability :

Prana Air Breathalyzer

prana air breathalyzer

Ordinary Breathalyzers

ordinary cheap breathalyzer

High-End Breathalyzers

high end expensive breathalyzer

  • Not detected
  • $$$$
  • Very High
  • Lightweight
  • Easily Portable
  • X
  • X
  • Detected as alcohol
  • $$$
  • Low
  • Lightweight
  • Easily Portable
  • Not detected
  • $$$$$
  • Very High
  • Bulky
  • Comparatively less portable
police checking alcohol test with a breathalyzer



The permissible BAC in India - 0.03% or 30mg and US/UK - 0.08% or 80mg per 100ml of blood

View Standards


details for easy carrying

TFT HD Display

prana air breathalyzer tft display
  • Type C


  • prana air breathalzyer with type c charging
  • Lithium


  • prana air breathalyzer battery capacity


Technical specifications

Product Name :


Sensor :

Electrochemical, Fuel Cell

Working current :


Device dimension :

6.6 x 4x 1.6 (cm)

Blowing continuity test :

35 Sec

Measuring Range :

0 ~ 1.00mg/l


Lithium Ion (210 mAh)

Instrument weight :

30 grams

Data Storage :

On-board 1000 records

Response Time :

10 seconds

No Alcohol :


Alcohol :


High Alcohol :


Measurements :

BAC (%)

Display :

TFT HD Screen

Data Export :

Export to an computer

Data Refresh Rate :

2 Sec

Charging Mode :

USB Type-C

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Frequently Asked Questions About Prana Air Breathalyzer

Prana Air Breathalyzer utilizes advanced electrochemical sensors to accurately measure alcohol levels in your breath.

You can get the results within 10 seconds of blowing into the device, providing quick and convenient alcohol level readings.

No, Prana Air Breathalyzer is specifically designed to measure alcohol levels and does not detect other substances.

Yes, the Prana Air Breathalyzer features a user-friendly design with simple one-button operation, making it easy for anyone to use.

The device has a sleek and compact design, making it highly portable and convenient to carry wherever you go.
> 200 ppm- 10 times per minute

Prana Air Breathalyzer utilizes advanced Gb05 Fuel cell technology, providing highly accurate alcohol level measurements for reliable results.

Yes, Prana Air Breathalyzer allows you to export the test record data to a computer, facilitating easy record-keeping in an excel file format.

Yes, the device’s high sensitivity, stability, and precise detection make it suitable for professional applications such as law enforcement, workplace safety, and alcohol testing centers.