prana air 2nd gen 95 mask Buy Now 2nd Gen N95
Pollution Mask
Stay healthy and breathe clean air with Prana Air smart motorized mask, designed for anti-pollution with higher filter technology.
Buy Now 2nd Gen N95
Pollution Mask
Stay healthy and breathe clean air with Prana Air smart motorized mask, designed for anti-pollution with higher filter technology.



Stay healthy and breathe clean air with Prana Air N95 pollution mask. Designed for superior particle and other pollutant filtration technology.

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Smart Air


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Adjustable fan

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Low Volume


95% Filter


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680 mAh

Smart Battery

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prana air smart n95 pollution mask

Smart Circulation System

Prana Air N95 pollution mask comes with 3-speed smart circulation which keeps fresh air within the chamber to help breath you easily.

Smart adjustable fan speed for different pollution levels.

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prana air motorizied system n95 mask

3-Speed Fan Operation

Adjust air volume by adjusting the fan speed according to the pollution level or activity levels.

Lower pollution level, low activity
Low Speed
Normal Usage
Medium Speed
High pollution level, high activity
High speed

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Carbon Monoxide

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Sulphur Dioxide

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Product FeaturesSpecifications
Mask Cap's ColorClassic White, Pink, Gray
Filter Layers5
HEPA CompliantYes
Purification EfficiencyUpto 95.99%
Fan Speed3 Modes
Charging MethodUSB Charging
Charging Time1.5 Hours
Battery Duration

upto 2 hours

Battery Capacity680 mAh
Dimensions10.5*9.5*4.6 cm
Weight70 Grams
Noise<28 dn(A)
CertificationCE and ROHS Certified

Know More About Air Pollution Mask

Let’s learn and understand about air pollution, anti-pollution mask, its types and uses.

#1. Air Pollution: Causes & Effects

Air pollution is the presence of air pollutants in the air that is very harmful to the health of humans, other living things and cause destruction to the climate. Generally, the air pollutants come from energy use and production. Air pollutants are in different forms like particulate matters, gases and biological molecules. These harmful gases and particles cause diseases, even death and climate change.The worldwide estimate number of deaths caused by air pollution, combined both ambient and indoor is 7 million people every year according to WHO. Almost 9 out of 10 people breathe extremely harmful air containing very high level fo air pollutants, The diseases like stroke, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and respiratory infections. Out of 7 million, 4.2 million deaths happen due to the exposure to ambient (outdoor air pollution), and 3.8 million premature deaths by indoor (household) air pollution.

#2. How Can A Mask Help You Protect From Air Pollution?

Definitely, wearing a mask helps you protect from air pollution. It blocks particles, splashes, sprays that may contain germs (viruses and bacteria). Without mask, it is very harmful and dangerous to our health. However, there are some conditions that prolong use of mask may have difficulty of breathing, skin irritation, etc. You have to wear the mask very carefully. Usually, you can only use in outdoor environment. In this current pandemic, you don’t have to wear a mask at home if there is no COVID positive or any infected person.You will be able to protect yourself from particulate matters – PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and harmful gases by wearing an anti-pollution mask.

#3. Anti-Pollution Mask & Its Types

We wear an anti-pollution mask to protect from hazardous air pollutants. This mask has to be worn very tightly to filter the unwanted particulate matters & harmful gases. Basically, there are three main categories of mask i.e. surgical/disposable, cloth mask and respirator.

A. Surgical/Medical Mask: It is a disposable mask that lasts only few hours. Specially, healthcare professionals use it in hospital and clinic for a day. This is a very thin and loose-fitting mask.

B. Cloth Mask: It is made from a variety of fabrics with multi-layers. This mask is reusable & washable. In terms of filtration efficiency, it is better than surgical mask as it has layers that can block the harmful particles. But, it has to be used very carefully. It needs regular wash and cleaning. Otherwise, it can be more harmful if it is reused without proper precautions.

C. Respirator Mask: This mask is more effective than others in terms of filtration efficiency. It has a close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles.

#4. Air Purifying Respirators & Its Types:

Choosing a good air purifying respirator or mask is a difficult task. While you have various options available to buy one from the market, you may not be able to select the right mask as per your requirement. The options are like particulate respirators or dust masks for protection from airborne particulates and reusable mask against airborne particles, also gases, fumes and vapors, etc.

(1) Air-Purifying Respirators:

The airborne particles like dust, and, dirt, soot, smoke, etc can be prevented from breathing with particulate respirators. There is a testing certification of this type of respirator with 3 categories N, R & P series. Again, these groups ar classified into three (3) types based on the efficiency of the mask like 95, 99 & 100.
  • A. N95 Mask: The efficiency of filtering out air pollutants like PM2.5, PM10 is 95%. It can’t work against oil, but prevents solid and liquid aerosol particles. Sometimes, it comes with exhalation valve that lets out air outside. It makes more comfortable to breathe and use. It has also washable & reusable mask.
  • B. N99 and 100 Mask: These masks can filter out the air pollutants PM2.5 upto 99.99% efficiency. It also can’t work against oil. Usually, it is washable & reusable and filter needs to be replaced. N100 masks are not easily avialable in the market. Out of N-series masks, N95 is the most commonly used mask. 
  • C. R-Series (R95) Mask: R-series rated masks can partially prevent oily particles. As per its rating, the efficiency is upto 95%. They usually have a very short life. It is only used for industrial purposes. It is not used widely due to its short life. 
  • D. P-Series (P95 & 100) Mask: Unlike N-series, these masks can filter out oily pollutants completely. Its life is little bit long than R-series masks. They are also used for industrial purpose. They are more expensive than N-Series. 

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