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What is Nitrogen Dioxide NO2?


Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), accounts for more than 70% of the air present in the environment. And it is the most abundant gas present. For instance, Traffic on the road and the burning of fossil fuels result in poisonous NO2 air pollution. Hence, it is harmful to humans, plants, and animals.

Sources Of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Gas

NO2 is present in the environment in a very small quantity. But due to our excessive use of resources and other activities, nitrogen dioxide level is increasing to a troublesome level. There are both natural and men-made causes of the formation of the no2 gas.

Natural causes include:

Volcano eruption or active volcanic sites.

Volcano eruption or
active volcanic sites.

no2 from Fertilizer

Volcano eruption or
Biological decay of
waste for fertilizer

no2 from Fertilizer

Lightning strikes-
facilitates the formation
of the NO2 gas.

no2 from oceans


Manmade means of production of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) gas are:

no2 from car pollution

Car, truck, boots,
and airplane emissions

no2 from power plant


no2 from ammonia emitting fertilizers

Ammonia-emitting fertilizers

no2 from diesel vehicles

heavy machines

no2 from Kerosene and gas stoves

Kerosene and
gas stoves

The main source of nitrogen dioxide produced by human activity is the combustion of fossil fuels. Such as the fuel used in automobiles, the creation of nitric acid, welding, explosives, refinement of petrol and metals, and commercial and food processing.

Health & Environmental Impacts of NO2 Gas


NO2 is part of the NOx group of highly reactive gases. Whereas NO2 is a brownish acidic gas with and pungent odor. It reacts with O2 to form nitric acid responsible for corrosion. And it also plays role in the formation of other pollutants like smog, PM, and acid rain. It is a flame accelerator but itself not combustible.

Health Impacts Due to Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

lungs problem due to no2

Altered lungs

breathing problems due to no2


 asthma due to no2s


low Immunity due to no2


throat problem due to no2

Irritation in

Coughing due to no2

Coughing, breathing
difficulty, wheezing

 aheart problem due to no2


premature death due to no2

Reduced birth
weight, high risk
of premature death

Environmental effects are severe due to
excessive concentration of this gas:

hazy air due to no2

Hazy air (smog)

polluting water due to no2

Polluting water

o3 due to no2

Generates ground
level O3

Increases PM levels due to no2

PM levels

acid rain due to no2

Acid rain- forming
an acidic compound
with moisture present
in the air

plant growth due to no2

Affects the vegetation,
growth of plants


NOx + other
chemicals leads
to formation of PM.

stressor to plants due to no2

Acts as a stressor to
plants and results
in chlorophyll content

Corrective Measures To Reduce Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Gas


The primary preventive measure is to monitor the concentration of NO2 which our Prana air sensor and Air quality monitors are quite useful. Other than that there are some corrective measures that could help us keep safe from the respiratory repercussion of this gas:

Vehicles with low emission rates can help us with the reduced production of NO2

Alternate fuels including hydrogen cells and electric-powered cars can be useful in bringing down the overall footprint of NO2 production.

Avoid traffic congestion. Improving engines to be more efficient

Using public transport

Use of a closed environment for the production of fertilizer and processing of the gases produced in it.

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and the harm it causes

NO2 Levels and their health effects

Levels (µg/m3)
Health Effects

0-40 (mg/m3)

Fresh air


Coughing, difficulty in breathing experienced
Moderately polluted


Breathing difficulties, aggravation of asthma


Reduced brain functionality, and lung function alterations
Very poor


Brain damage and heart failure


*NAQI as per CBCB. 2-h hourly average values.

Air quality sensor to measure NO2

Choose Your Air Quality Monitor To Measure NO2 Gas

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