Pocket CO2 Monitor

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CO2 Monitor

Track the real-time air quality levels on the go with our
smallest, portable, and handiest pocket air monitor.

  • 5,999 INR
  • pocket-sized icon Pocket-Sized
  • wifi icon Wifi Enabled


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prana air pocket co2 monitor

Qualitative Features

This monitor helps you to track real-time CO2 levels
wherever you go indoor & outdoor. Our pocket sized
monitor is the slimmest and handy device that you can easily fit into your pocket.


  • real-time co2 level
    Real-time Level
  • wifi icon
    Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • mobile app icon
    Mobile App Enabled
  • portable monitor icon
    Portable Monitor
  • lcd display icon
    LCD Display
  • battery icon
    400 mAh Battery

compliance icon  Compliance with LEED, WELL, and ASHRAE standards

prana air portable pocket co2 monitor

Multiple Data-Displayslogo

prana air co2 monitor face and number screen

Home Screen

Displaying the real-time CO2 levels in form of both the emoticon and CO2 levels.
Green, yellow, and red color representation.

prana air co2 monitor number screen

Number Screen

A display of CO2 ranges in PPM – the range shown in green means the CO2 levels
are good and red being the worst.

prana air co2 monitor face

Face Screen

Green, Yellow, and Red emoticon display based on the levels of CO2, red being the highest,
and green being the lowest.

prana air co2 monitor graph screen

Graph Screen

Representation of levels of CO2 in bar graph form so you can analyze the past data and
compare the already stored data.

aqi cloud icon

Remote Data Accessibility

AQI data cloud storage eases the accessibility of the monitor’s
air quality data remotely anytime anywhere wherever you go.

prana air pocket co2 monitor
aqi app co2 data display

Data connectivitylogo
to Mobile App

step 1 - download aqi app

1. Install AQI App & Sign Up

Install the AQI app on your smartphones from the app store. Sign up & log in through your account.

step 1 - download aqi app
step 2 - connect aqi india app

2. Connect the device With the app

Go to "My Device" & select Pocket CO2 Monitor. Long press the power button on top of the device until a QR code appears on the screen.

step 2 - connect aqi india app
step 3 - scan qr code & wifi configuration

3. Scan the QR & Configure WiFi

Scan the QR code or Enter the device ID displayed on your device screen. Fill in your Wi-Fi details. Your device should successfully be connected now.

step 3 - scan qr code & wifi configuration
step 4 - device connect to the mobile app

4. Now Get the Insightful Data-

Analyse the CO2 level in real-time & historical data stored in the AQI cloud through the app on your smartphone.

step 4 - device connect to the mobile app
Download the “AQI App

Integrate your monitor’s data to our mobile application to access the data remotely and analyze the historical trend. 

aqi android app download icon
aqi ios app download icon

Technical Specificationslogo
CO2 Monitor

Our monitor detects CO2 levels at ±5 % accuracy with the help of an in-built NDIR sensor. The product has a 400 mAh battery with 30 minutes (approx.) charging time. It can measure the CO2 range up to 5,000 ppm.

  • Type-C USBCharging
  • CO2 LevelReal-time Data
  • 400mAhBattery
  • SizePocket
  • NDIRSensor
  • WiFi 2.4 GHzConnectivity

Technical Specification

Features Specifications
Sensor CO2 NDIR
Range Up to 5000 ppm
Dimension 7.62 x 5.08 x 2.54 cm
Weight 200 gram
Power Supply 5V DC / Type-C USB cable
Display LCD Display
Connectivity  WiFi [2.4GHz]
Data Storage AQI Cloud Storage (option)
Mobile App Enabled AQI Mobile App [iOS & Android]
Battery 400 mAh rechargeable battery

CO2 Health Indexlogo

The CO2 health index will help you understand the quality of the air you breathe and
the health impacts. You will also know if your house or office ventilation
system is good or bad.

Learn More


  • Good


    good co2 level

    The air is fresh and free from toxins. People are not exposed to any health risk.

  • Moderate


    moderate co2 level

    Indoor CO2 levels with a good ventilation rate

  • Poor


    poor co2 level

    Tiredness, laziness, and stuffiness in the air

  • Unhealthy


    unhealthy co2 level

    Lack of concentration, sleepiness, drowsiness, headaches, increased heart rate, stuffiness in the air, nausea, etc. can be experienced.

  • Severe


    severe co2 level

    Many countries have occupational exposure (like an eight-hour TWA).

  • Hazardous


    hazardous co2 level

    Such high levels of exposure can cause acute oxygen shortage, unconsciousness, severe neurological damage, and even death.

Applications of CO2 Monitorlogo

Based on the dense CO2 concentrations that can be present indoors, Prana Air Pocket CO2 monitor
can have various indoor applications like home, school, office, etc. The below cases are on a condition when any fresh air machine or proper ventilation system is not facilitated. 

moderate co2 level

moderate co2 level at home
moderate co2 level on monitor


Moderate CO2  At Home – Morning

Usually, at beginning of the day, the CO2 levels will range from good to moderate in the early morning.


moderate co2 icon  CO2 Range: Between 400-1000 ppm

moderate co2 icon  Time Frame: Till 10 am

moderate co2 icon  Health Impacts: Headaches, vomiting, & drowsiness.


Good CO2  At Home – Day

When there is proper ventilation and the number of people inside a house is minimal, CO2 levels remain under the good category.


Levels <250 ppm : CO2 Range good co2 icon

 10 am – 5 pm : Time Frame good co2 icon

 Safe to breathe : Health Impacts good co2 icon

good co2 level
good co2 level at home
good co2 level on monitor
bad co2 level
bad co2 level at home
bad co2 level on monitor


Bad CO2  At Home – Evening

Usually, in the evening and night, the CO2 level at home increases when the family members return from their work and gather together.


bad co2 icon  CO2 Range: Levels ≥ 2000 ppm

bad co2 icon  Time Frame: 6 pm – 10 am

bad co2 icon  Health Impacts: Loss of consciousness, dangerous

Graph of CO2 Monitoring at Home

co2 monitoring at home

Note: The data shown on the above graph is on the base of a region where the sun rises at 5-6 am and sun sets at 7-8 pm around, and working days are Monday to Friday only.  At home,  the CO2 levels fall where adults and children are not present during day of Monday to Friday. It begins to rise again when occupancy increases in the evening.


Moderate CO2  in School – Morning

Usually, the CO2 level in the early morning is moderate when the number of students and staff is not much. The range increases when the number of students and staff increases.


moderate co2 icon  CO2 Range: Between 400-1000 ppm

moderate co2 icon  Time Frame: From 8 am – 12 pm

moderate co2 icon  Health Impacts: lifelong respiratory infections, unattentiveness, etc.


Bad CO2  in School – Day (Afternoon)

An increase in the CO2 levels even by 100 ppm corresponds to a 0.2% increase in absence rates.


CO2 Range: >2000 ppm.  bad co2 icon

Time Frame: Between 12-2 PM  bad co2 icon

Health Impacts: Cognitive, IQ skills, mental abilities of the child  bad co2 icon


Good COin School – Evening

As the school day ends, there is a progressive decline in the number of students on the school grounds. When the ventilation rate is good, CO2 levels start to decline and the air quality begins to improve.


good co2 icon  CO2 Range: ≤ 1000 ppm

good co2 icon  Time Frame: After School

good co2 icon  Health Impacts: It is good to breathe.

Graph of CO2 Monitoring In A Classroom

graph of co2 air quality monitoring at an office

Note: The data displayed on the graph above is based on a region where schools are in session from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. When students enter a classroom, the CO2 levels begin to increase. After the classes are finished, it starts to fall.


Moderate CO2  in Office – Morning

Early in the morning, when working hour begins, CO2 levels are typical to moderate as the employees are not fully present.


moderate co2 icon  CO2 Range: <1000 ppm

moderate co2 icon  Time Frame: From 9 am – 11 pm

moderate co2 icon  Health Impacts: Employees feel fresh and active when there are good to moderate CO2 levels.


Bad CO2  in Office – Day (Afternoon)

As all the employees are present, then CO2 levels rise as a result of respiration and accumulate over time, they are in an unhealthy range.


CO2 Range: It can exceed up to 3000 ppm  bad co2 icon

Time Frame: between 12 pm – 4 pm  bad co2 icon

Health Impacts: Dizziness, loss of coordination, unattentiveness  bad co2 icon


Good COin Office – Evening

As the number of employees decreases at the end of the day, so does the amount of CO2 in the air.


good co2 icon  CO2 Range: <1000 ppm

good co2 icon  Time Frame: After 7 pm CO2 levels begin to drop.

good co2 icon  Health Impacts: When there is good ventilation, the air becomes good to inhale.

Graph of CO2 Monitoring in An Office

graph of co2 air quality monitoring in an office

Note: The data displayed on the graph above is based on information from a location where business hours are typically between 10 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday. When an employee enters an office, the CO2 levels begin to rise. After they leave in the evening, it starts to fall.

Clean Air Quality Solutionlogo
Fresh Air Machine

Prana Air provides the solution to indoor air pollution with an air purifying machine to purify the air pollutants.

>>Learn More

co2 air quality solutions of prana air

Places Where There is High CO2 Levellogo

It helps you understand the level of Carbon Dioxide of your location. Works as both – real-time indoor and outdoor CO2
monitoring sensor; the LCD display shows you CO2 reading indicating

high co2 level at home


CO2 monitoring becomes necessary since different age groups are present
in a typical house setting. High CO2 concentrations have diverse effects
on different age groups. Children and the elderly are particularly affected.
If you have pets, the high levels of CO2 will also harm them. To prevent
carbon dioxide poisoning in you, your children, the elderly, and your pets,
you can ensure that the desired levels of CO2 are maintained within
your homes.

high co2 level at school


Besides our homes, we spend the majority of our time indoors at schools
/offices. CO2 levels are generally greater in both classrooms and business
settings. When students and staff are exposed to high CO2 levels, they
may become drowsy, tired, and lose attention, resulting in poor academic
and overall performance. The staff’sthinking abilities are also hampered.

high co2 level at mall


The indoor air quality and ventilation rates of a building are monitored
with the help of a CO2 monitor. There is a constant movement of people inside
malls and shop establishments. When a few of them depart, new people enter.
As a result, contaminants like carbon dioxide accumulates in malls and retail
stores. Monitoring CO2 levels in the retail sector is therefore much more
crucial in light of this.

high co2 level at hospital


According to a 2011 Infinium Medical, Inc. study, 82% of critical care
accidents that resulted in brain damage and death might have been avoided
if CO2 had been monitored and the necessary steps are taken to lower the
excessive levels. Monitoring CO2 levels is frequently overlooked when managing
the hospital’s indoor air quality. When these levels are kept in check,
recovery time and attention problems improve.

high co2 level in restaurants


Monitoring CO2 will be helpful since increased CO2 exhalation by residents
increases the risk of viral transmission (such as covid-19). On a smart LCD
TV screen, the real-time CO2 levels can be displayed. Checking the AQI of
hotels and restaurants will be made easier with the help of monitoring. Staff
productivity will rise as a result of ongoing CO2 monitoring.

high co2 level in metro subways

Metro Subways

Monitoring CO2 levels offer a helpful measure of how well-ventilated inhabited
indoor spaces are. These places include airports and metro subways, where the
population is fluid and people are constantly arriving and departing, especially
during peak hours. To protect public health, it is necessary to continuously
monitor interior air pollutant levels in subway stations and airports, where the
accumulation of pollutants is very easy.

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