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    2nd Gen Mask (N95)2nd Gen Mask (N95)

    2nd Gen Mask (N95) 12.10$ 12.10$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Our 2nd Gen Pollution Mask is a smart portable air purifier with highly technological muti-layer filter and motorized purification system.  It can protect a person from breathing harmful particles in air efficiently.

    prana air pocket co2 monitor Out Of Stock

    Pocket CO2 Monitor (wifi) 78.62$ 78.62$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Prana Air Pocket CO2 Monitor (wifi) detects the real-time CO2 levels at ±5 % accuracy with the help of an in-built NDIR sensor. The product has a 400 mAh battery with 30 minutes (approx.) charging time. It can measure the CO2 range up to 5,000 ppm.

    Product Features:

    – CO2 Level Real-time Data
    – Type-C USB Charging

    – 400mAh Battery
    – LCD Screen Display
    – WiFi 2.4 GHz Connectivity


    Adult-Kid Mask (N95)Adult-Kid Mask (N95)

    Adult-Kid Mask (N95)
    4.00 out of 5
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    With 3 fan speeds, 5-layers protection and 6-8 hours battery life, Prana Air Adult-Kid N95 Mask signifies safety and it is perfect pollution mask for adults and kids for outdoor environment.

    PM2.5 Pocket Monitor Out Of Stock

    PM2.5 Pocket Monitor (Wifi)
    4.17 out of 5
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    “One of the smallest and most pocket-friendly PM2.5 monitors”

    Prana Air PM2.5 Pocket Monitor (wifi) measures real-time particle matter 2.5 that helps you understand the quality of the air you breathe.

    Product Features:

    – Real-time PM2.5 & PM10
    – Wifi connectivity with AQI app
    – LCD display screen
    – 4 hour screen run time
    – 400 mAh lithium-ion battery
    – Type-C USB Charging

    prana air smart indoor pm monitor

    Smart Indoor PM Monitor 241.07$ 241.07$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Avail uninterrupted accessibility to air pollution data – dust particulate matters anytime anywhere remotely with Prana Air Smart Indoor PM Monitor. With the GSM connection, you don’t need to worry about wifi network availability. It is easy to connect and carry anywhere with you.


    Indoor PM Monitor: PM 2.5, PM 10, Temperature, Humidity

    Sensible Air Monitor

    Sensible Air Monitor 714.72$ 714.72$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Connect our portable Prana Air Sensible Air Monitor and know real-time accurate AQI reading in a few seconds to understand indoor air quality (IAQ).

    Product Features:

    – Real-Time PM 2.5, PM 10 and PM 1.0
    – Formaldehyde, CO2 level, TVOCs and HCHO
    – CO and O3 levels
    – Indoor and Outdoor reading
    – LCD display screen

    prana air squair indoor air quality monitor

    SQUAIR Air Monitor From: 520.78$ Know Moreadd to cart

    SQUAIR monitor is a smart indoor air quality monitoring device which can detect particulate matters and gases parameters. The monitor comes with two product variants like SQUAIR Lite & SQUAIR Pro which have few different sensors inside the monitor.


    – SQUAIR+ (Lite): PM 2.5, PM 10, CO2, TVOC, HCHO, Noise, Light, Temperature, Humidity

    – SQUAIR+ (Pro): PM 2.5, PM 10, CO, O3, CO2, SO2, NO2, TVOC, Noise, Light, Temperature, Humidity

    Car Cabin Air FilterCar Cabin Air Filter

    Car Cabin Air Filter
    4.00 out of 5
    From: 24.11$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Prana Car Cabin Air Filter With 5 Layers:

    • Its purification efficiency is 99.95% .
    • It blocks a high concentration of dust and dirt particles, pollen and second hand smoke from entering your lungs.
    • The oxygen generating molecular sieve produces fresh, new oxygen.
    • The catalyst removes the HCHO to improve the quality of the air.
    • The carbon enables the removal of VOCs from off-gasses, with reduction efficiencies above 99%.
    • In the presence of light, the photo catalyst transforms the coated surface, creating air purification and cleans the fine dust particles from inside the car.
    Prana Air Sanitizer

    Air Sanitizer 363.29$ 363.29$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Air Sanitizer Cum Air Purifier serves to make breathing simpler, purer, and healthier. This helpful, in-home unit releases the cleanest and the freshest air conceivable all through the home. It performs comprehensive air cleaning, including the elimination of viruses (COVID), bacteria, fetid odors, smoke, and other unpleasant atmospheric pollutants.

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    Room Air PurifierRoom Air Purifier Out Of Stock

    Room Air Purifier
    5.00 out of 5
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    Our high performance air purifier comes with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of up to 334 m3/h – just the right rate to ensure your home environment remains safe and comfortable. This is also a smart air filter for home with very unique features which can give clean air and filter pollutants in indoor environment.

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    UV Light SterilizerUV Light Sterilizer

    UV Light Sterilizer 6.04$ 6.04$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Prana Air UV Light Sterilizer is pocket-sized device that can kill virus, bacteria, germs, molds, fungus, and allergens. It comes with 4 UVA lights and 1 UVC light.

    Product Main Features:

    • UV Light Sterilizer
    • 4 – UVA and 1 – UVC Lights
    • Type-C USB Charging
    • Battery 400 mAh
    • Auto Switch Off in 10 Minutes
    • Intensity Level – 2 (Medium and High)
    Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator light weight

    Yuwell Oxygen Concentrator 5L 533.01$ 533.01$ Know Moreadd to cart

    This is a compact and light-weight Oxygen Concentrator with 5 LPM capacity. It has a built-in nebulizer port, LCD display with timer function and remote control. This model features a self-diagnosis system and comes with multiple safety alarms. The precision compressor is made with German technology and has a service life of over 30,000 hours. This model is also highly suitable for rental agencies with it’s light weight and large top handle making it easy to transport.

    Product Features:

    – Oxygen concentration : 95.5% – 87%

    – Flow range : 0.5 – 5.0 LPM

    – Output pressure : 40 – 70 kPa

    – Operating noise : 48dB front, 52dB overall

    – Built-in nebulizer port, LCD display with timer function and remote control.

    – Stock available & immediate dispatch

    To get a special discount for bulk orders, contact us at email – [email protected] & Phone No. – +91 8881888811

    Note* Original product brand is YUWELL of Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment & Supply Co., Ltd.



    Prana Air Indoor PM2.5 dust Sensor

    Indoor PM2.5 Sensor 0.00$ 0.00$ Know Moreadd to cart

    PAS-IN-01 is an optically designed industrial-grade, digital laser sensor to measure particulate matter. It comes with a built-in laser and photoelectric receiving module. Different than its contemporaries, PAS-IN-01 is calibrated for PM10 and PM2.5 separately. It works on the principle of 90° light scattering. The light that strikes the aperture of the mirror within the range of 90° is reflected towards the sensor. The photodiode registers pulse for as long as the light is reflected. The electrical signal thus received is converted into concentration of particulate matter by specific algorithms.

    The indoor PM2.5 sensor has been created with finesse and precision, and finds its applications in:

    • Air Purifiers
    • Indoor Air Quality Monitors
    • HVAC Ventilation Systems
    • Automobile and Aeronautical Industries
    • Aviation Instruments
    • Research laboratories
    Prana Air Outdoor PM2.5 Sensor

    Outdoor PM2.5 Sensor 0.00$ 0.00$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Prana Air PM2.5 laser sensor is an industrial grade laser digital PM2.5 sensor. Built in laser and photoelectric receiving module, the principle of light scattering is adopted. The scattered light generated by laser on particles is transtormed from photoelectric receiving device to electrical signal, and then PM2.5 mass concentration and PM10 mass concentration are calculated by specific algorithm.

      PM2.5 and PM10 detection

     Laser sensor with light scattering

     Moisture-proof circuit board

     Anti-dust duct

     Fast detection

    Prana Air Split AC FilterPrana Air - Air Conditioner AC Filter

    Split AC Filter As Air Purifier From: 2.41$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Convert your air conditioner into an air purifier with Prana Air AC filter compatible with the split ACs of any brand and tonnage. A wondrous filter with nanofibers to filter out up to 99.7% of biological and particulate contaminants in your room.

    – Created with Finesse: The mesh of electrospun nanofibers infused with antimicrobial additives capture the tiniest of airborne particles.

    – Epitome of Excellence: Filters out particles of size up to 100 nanometers (0.1 microns) with an efficiency of 99.7% including particulates, bacteria, and viruses.

    – Compatible: Compatible with the split ACs of any brand and tonnage.

    – Long-lasting:  Has an estimated long life of 200-500 hours based on indoor air quality.

    Room Air Purifier FilterRoom Air Purifier Filter

    Room Air Purifier Filter 30.28$ 30.28$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Air Purifier FilterAutomatically cleans your room with 99.99% efficiency, capturing fine dust particles:
    • 3 Layers Prana Air purifier filter
    • It captures large particles such as dust, hair, pet dander.
    • Efficiency up to 99.05%.
    • With the help of the HEPA filter, the purifier removes harmful bacteria, viruses and other small particles such as allergens, mold.
    • The filter layer is made of small pieces of carbon that allow the chemical reaction between the activated carbon and organic compounds in the air – making them stick to the filter.
    prana air co2 sensor

    Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensor 48.33$ 48.33$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Prana Air Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensor is an infrared NDIR sensor for the measurement of carbon dioxide gas. It is a highly accurate, responsive, energy-efficient, and low-cost sensor. This sensor is easy to integrate and has long-term stability.

    Product Features:

    – Range: 0-10000 ppm,

    – Type of Sensor: NDIR sensor

    – Resolution: 1 PPM

    – Accuracy: ± 200 ppm ± 2%

    prana air ammonia nh3 sensor

    Ammonia NH3 Sensor From: 121.02$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Use Prana Air’s cutting-edge electrochemical sensor, which can detect ammonia concentrations of 50 ppm, to monitor ammonia (NH3).

    prana air chlorine cl2 sensor

    Chlorine Cl2 Sensor From: 121.02$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Prana Air chlorine sensor with 50 ppm of electrochemical technology accurately detects chlorine gas levels. Designed to provide reliable results, this sensor is a cost-effective solution for ensuring workplace safety and compliance. Get yours today and experience peace of mind knowing that you are protected from harmful chlorine gas exposure.

    prana air ozone o3 sensor

    Ozone O3 Sensor From: 121.02$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Monitor Ozone (O3) with Prana Air’s advanced electrochemical sensor capable of detecting 50 ppm levels of ozone. Keep your space healthy and safe with our cutting-edge technology.

    prana air hydrogen sulfide h2s sensor

    Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Sensor From: 121.02$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Prana Air H2S sensor is an electrochemical sensor that detects hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas upto 50 ppm.

    prana air so2 sensor sulphur dioxide

    SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor From: 121.02$ Know Moreadd to cart

    The SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor has been created with finesse and precision, and finds its applications in:

    • Air Quality Monitoring Equipment
    • Industrial Safety Equipment
    • Automobile and Locomotive Equipment
    • Regulatory Instruments at Power Plants and Metal Refineries
    • Vehicular Emission Detectors and Controlers
    • Retrofitting devices for DG sets
    prana air no2 sensor

    Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Sensor From: 121.02$ Know Moreadd to cart

    The NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide sensor has been created with finesse and precision, and finds its applications in:

    • Air Quality Monitoring Equipment
    • Industrial Safety Equipment
    • Automobile Equipment
    • Regulatory Instruments at Power Plants and Oil Refineries
    • Vehicular Emission Detectors and Controlers
    • Gas Detectors for commercial and food manufacturing units
    • Retrofitting devices for DG sets
    prana air carbon monoxide co sensor

    Carbon Monoxide CO Sensor From: 121.02$ Know Moreadd to cart

    The sensor comes packed with the cutting edge technology of electrochemical detection of the highly toxic CO gas. The characteristic features of CO sensor include:

    • Type: Electrochemical Sensor
    • Range: 0 – 500 PPM
    • Resolution: 0.1 PPM
    • Highly responsive and accurate
    • Good energy efficiency


    prana air 2nd Gen Mask Filter

    2nd Gen Mask Filter 4.83$ 4.83$ Know Moreadd to cart

    Prana Air 2nd Gen Mask Filter is a multi-layer filter which has 1 pre-filter, 2 HEPA filters and 2 carbon filters. It can easily filter the particulate matters like PM2.5 and PM10, the dust. Two layers of activated carbon eliminates toxic gases and oil also.

    Prana Air Adult Mask FilterAdult Mask Filter

    Adult Mask Filter 4.85$ 4.85$ Know Moreadd to cart

    The filter has the following unique features:

    – 6 Layers Motion Mask Filter
    – 99.95% purification efficiency
    – 1 Pre-Filter
    – 1 White Filter
    – 2 layers of Activated Carbon
    – 2 layers of HEPA that stops PM 2.5 and PM1
    – Prevents harmful gases
    – Stops large particles

    Motion Mask (N95)Motion Mask (N95) Out Of Stock

    Motion Mask (N95)
    3.78 out of 5
    From: 42.28$ Know Moreadd to cart

    With 3 fan speeds, 5 layers hepa filter protection and upto 6 hrs battery life, Prana Air N95 Pollution Mask signifies safety and it is perfect for anti-pollution in outdoor environment.

    Only grey color is available.