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prana air indoor pm sensor

Indoor PM Sensor:

Prana Air PM sensor has been created with panache and precision for consumer and industrial-grade safety monitoring. The indoor sensor is an optically designed industrial-grade, digital laser sensor to measure particulate matter. The ultra-thin, compact, and cost-effective package allows easy-inclusion into all kinds of particulate monitoring and regulatory solutions. Our sensors, with their precision, have the potential to revolutionize the scenario of environmental and health-based monitoring of air contaminants. These robust sensors, due to high operational life, find diversified applications in residential, industrial, and commercial instruments.



The sensor’s ultra-slim package enables it to get lodged in any kind of device or instrument. It is suitable for hand-held devices as well as real-time outdoor monitoring.


The highly accurate indoor pm sensor comes with a long-lasting operational life of up to 10 years. Install it in your instrument once and forget all your sensor-related worries.

Highly Responsive

The average response time of this indoor PM2.5 sensor is 15 seconds making it robust and fast.


Laser-based scattering principle and advanced algorithms enable precise and reliable measurements.

Automatic Feedback

Fan with an in-built closed loop control to stabilize air flow and optimization of operational life of the sensor.

Water Resistant

Moisture-proof design to reduce the probability of error in optical measurements due to humidity


High-resolution particle sizing to broaden the range of applicability pertaining to specific particle size.

Energy Efficient

It requires low power input to function. Therefore, the overall energy consumption of the device decreases due to this energy-saving sensor.

Technology We Use

What technology is being used in the device

Prana Air indoor particulate sensors work on the principle of the optical light scattering technique. These sensors are designed to quantify the concentration of the most prominent air pollutant.

It comes with a built-in laser and photoelectric receiving module. Different from its contemporaries, our indigenous indoor particulate sensor is crafted to calibrate PM10 and PM2.5 individually. It works on the principle of 90° light scattering. The light that strikes the aperture of the mirror at 90° is reflected towards the sensor. The photodiode registers pulse for as long as the light is reflected. The electrical signal thus received is converted into concentration of particulate matter by specific algorithms.

prana air indoor air quality sensor

Where is it applicable?

prana air indoor pm sensor applications

Technical Specification

prana air indoor pm sensor specification

Technical Indicators of Sensors

Parameter Value
Dimension 4.5 x 4.5 x 2 cm
Rated voltage 5V
Rated current 70mA
Communication Port Level 3.3 V
Working Temperature -20~70 C°
Storage Temperature -20~85 C°
Working Humidity 0~99C%RH (No condensation)
Particle Size Resolution 0.3 um
Effective range of PM2.5 mass concentration 0-1500 ug/m3
Effective range of PM10 mass concentration 0-2000 ug/m3
Mass concentration data resolution 1 ug/m3
Consistency of PM2.5 mass concentration +10% or +10 ug, whichever is greater
Consistency of PM10 mass concentration +15% or +15 ug, whichever is greater
Mean time between failures >30,000 hours


indoor pm sensor for Air purifiers

Air Purifier

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Indoor Air Quality

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HVAC Ventilation

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Automobile & Aeronautical

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Research Laboratories

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