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prana air indoor pm sensor

PM2.5 Dust Sensor :

Particulate matter is made up of liquid droplets mixed with dust, dirt, and soot. These particles are invisible to the human eye. PM is about the size of the tip of your hair. Due to their tiny size, these dust particles have the potential to cause health problems by entering the bloodstream and lungs. The Prana Air Particulate Matter sensor (PAS-IN-01) was made with extreme accuracy and precision. The sensor can provide both PM2.5 and PM10 data in real time. Both consumer-grade and commercial/industrial sensors can use the sensor. The sensor has a laser and photoelectric reception module built in. The 90o light scattering mechanism is the foundation of the sensor. The packaging is extremely thin, small, and reasonably priced, making it simple to include into many kinds of particulate monitoring and controlling solutions. PM2.5 and PM10 have effective concentrations of 0–1500 ug/m3 and 0–2000 ug/m3, respectively.


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The sensor can be inserted into any type of instrument or equipment thanks to its ultra-slim design. Both handheld devices and in-the-moment outside monitoring are compatible with it.

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The indoor pm sensor is extremely accurate and has a long-lasting operational life of up to 10 years. Once it is installed in your instrument, you won’t have to worry about sensors again.

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Highly Responsive

This indoor PM2.5 sensor is reliable and quick thanks to its 15-second average response time.

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Advanced algorithms and the laser-based scattering concept provide accurate and trustworthy measurements.

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Automatic Feedback

Fan has an integrated closed-loop control to regulate airflow and extend the sensor’s useful life.

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The likelihood of optical error measurements caused by humidity is decreased by moisture-proof design.

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Using high-resolution particle sizing will increase the range of applications for a given particle size.

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Energy Efficient

Low power input is necessary for it to operate. As a result, this energy-saving sensor reduces the device’s overall energy consumption.

Technology We Use In PM2.5 Dust Sensor

The indoor PM2.5 sensor from Prana Air operates on the 90 degree light scattering concept. The PAS-IN-01 sensor measures the amount of PM2.5 and PM10 in an indoor environment. Particles from the air that enters the sensor interact with the LASER beam that strikes the mirror aperture. The photodiode receives the backscattered particles. The scattered light is collected by the photodiode, which generates a signal that is then translated into particle mass and count.

prana air indoor particulate sensor
prana air indoor pm sensor specification

Technical Indicators of PM2.5 Dust Sensor

Parameter Value
Dimension 4.5 x 4.5 x 2 cm
Rated voltage 5V
Rated current 70mA
Communication Port Level 3.3 V
Working Temperature -20~70 C°
Storage Temperature -20~85 C°
Working Humidity 0~99C%RH (No condensation)
Particle Size Resolution 0.3 um
Effective range of PM2.5 mass concentration 0-1500 ug/m3
Effective range of PM10 mass concentration 0-2000 ug/m3
Mass concentration data resolution 1 ug/m3
Consistency of PM2.5 mass concentration +10% or +10 ug, whichever is greater
Consistency of PM10 mass concentration +15% or +15 ug, whichever is greater
Mean time between failures >30,000 hours


indoor pm sensor for Air purifiers

Air Purifier

indoor pm sensor for Indoor monitor

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor pm sensor for HVAC Ventilation Systems

HVAC Ventilation

Indoor pm sensor for automobile

Automobile & Aeronautical

indoor pm sensor for Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories

indoor pm sensor for Quarantine facilities

Quarantine Facilities

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