For outdoor dust – air quality monitoring applications
Range upto (0-31,000 µg/m³)

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prana air outdoor pm2.5 laser sensor

For outdoor particulate matters

Range upto (0-31,000 µg/m³)

The PAS-OUT-01 is an industrial-grade, digital laser sensor for measuring particulate matter with an optical design. It includes a laser and photoelectric receiving module that are incorporated right in. The PAS-OUT-01 is calibrated for PM10 and PM2.5 individually, which sets it apart from its competitors. It operates according to the 90° light scattering theory. The sensor receives a reflection of the light that passes through the mirror’s aperture at a 90° angle. Longer than the light is reflected, the photodiode continues to record pulses. Thus, unique algorithms translate the electrical signal into the concentration of particulate particles.

prana air outdoor pm2.5 sensor
prana air pm2.5 sensor

Outdoor PM2.5 Sensor logo Main Features

   Detection of PM2.5 and PM10 distinctively;

   Laser sensor with light scattering;

   Rapid and Accurate Detection.

   Moisture-Proof circuit board;

   Anti-dust duct;

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Prana Air outdoor air pollution PM sensor

Applications of PM Sensor
Designed To Be Discreet

prana air pm2.5 sensor outdoor
use of outdoor pm sensor
pm sensor on street lamp
pm sensor on traffic light

PM2.5 Sensor – Monitor to Measure Construction Pollution

air quality solution for construction pollution by pm2.5 sensor and live streaming camera

To detect dust pollution brought on by construction at the site, Prana Air offers the solution of installing a PM sensor/monitor.

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Outdoor PM Air Quality Sensor
Amazing Features

✅  Fan closed-loop control, stable flow

✅  Own fault detection function

✅  Design of anti-dust duct

✅  Laser constant power control

✅  Circuit board moisture-proof design

prana air outdoor pm2.5 sensor

✅  Small size, easy To install

✅  Fast detection speed

✅  Good product consistency

✅  Strong anti-interference ability

✅  Multiple communication modes, such as IIC, 485, etc.

PM Sensor’s PCB

For PM2.5 sensors, Prana Air offers original compatible PCB boards that are high-quality, inexpensive, energy-efficient, and small in size.

– The PCB’s energy efficiency lowers power usage.

– PCB boards are reasonably priced.

– High quality guarantees the sensor’s optimum performance.

– Proper data collection aids in users’ decision-making.


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Why Choose Prana Air Outdoor PM Sensor - PAS-OUT-01?

Sl.No. Feature  Benefits 
1 Anti-dust duct and durable components. Lifetime of more than a decade with continuous operation of 24 hours/day. Maintenance-free, thus avoiding problems related to sensor drift or malfunction. 
2 Laser-based scattering principle and Advanced algorithms.  Precise and reliable measurements.  
3 Accurate high-resolution particle sizing.  Enables device-specific actions based on detected particle composition. Broadens the range of applicability pertaining to specific particle size. 
4 Small, ultra-slim package  Easy to integrate into devices with limited size and space. 
5 Fan with in-built closed-loop control and automated feedback mechanism  Stabilizes airflow and sends feedback to the microprocessor to keep rotations per minute constant. Optimizes the operational life of the sensor. 
6 Laser is emitted at a constant wavelength  Decreases signal to noise ratio, therefore is no attenuation at high temperatures. 
7 Moisture-proof design  Reduces the probability of error in optical measurements due to humidity 
8 Fully calibrated digital output for particle number and mass concentration values. UART and I2C interfaces.  Simple interfacing and read-out of multiple outputs. 

PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor
Technical Specifications

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dimension of outdoor pm sensor
Technical indicators of sensors
Parameter Values
Dimensions 4.5 x 4.5 x 2 cm
Rated voltage 5V
Rated current 70mA
Communication Port Level 3.3 V
Working Temperature -20~70 C°
Storage Temperature -20~85 C°
Working Humidity 0~99C%RH (No condensation)
Particle Size Resolution 0.3 um
Effective range of PM2.5 mass concentration 0-31,000 µg/m³
Effective range of PM10 mass concentration 0-31,000 μg/m3
Mass concentration data resolution 1 μg/m3
Consistency of PM2.5 mass concentration + 10% or + 10 μg. whichever is greater
Consistency of PM10 mass concentration + 15% or + 15 μg. whichever is greater

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