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Prana Air smart caaqms ambient air quality monitoring device with real-time data integrated on AQI mobile & TV Apps.

Versatile Connectivity – Wifi, GSM, RS-485 | Highly Accurate Data


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According to the State of Global Air Report 2019, air pollution is the world’s fourth-largest risk factor for early deaths. It often leads to respiratory diseases including asthma, tuberculosis, etc., among leukemia and cancers of blood-forming organs. So it has become a necessity owning air pollution masks and air purifiers.

How Does Prana Air Fresh Air Machine Maintain
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According to EPA, we spend 93% of our time indoors, therefore, indoor air pollution is as harmful as outdoor air pollution. A fresh air machine makes a huge difference in the quality of air around you, making your lives healthier.
>> Fresh Air Machine

Particulate and dust monitor/sensor providing real-time data to help with any and all construction sites.
>> PM Sensor For Construction

Prana Air Sanitizer+ Air Purifier uses cutting-edge space technology with PCO cells to kill 99.9% of viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus, even in microgravity.
>> Air Sanitizer+ Purifier

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Compact, Light Weight & Easy Portable

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Prana Air creates cutting-edge technology solutions, smart features enabled, data cloud storage & web dashboard on AQI, highly accurate air quality monitoring devices, and clean air solutions. This improves the quality of life for a smart living condition.

prana air cair air quality monitor


prana air sensible air quality monitor


prana air sensible plus air quality monitor


prana air SQUAIR air quality monitor


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When we are indoors we are less susceptible to any air pollutants present outdoors right? No. As we spend more than 90% of our time indoors, the indoor air pollutants make our indoors as hazardous as the outdoors. Prana Air brings you a range of clean air solutions with cutting-edge technology that curtails the perilous impact of air pollution creeping into your indoor living space.


Outdoor Air pollutionlogo

Exposure to harmful outdoor air pollutants like Ozone, PMs and other toxic gases like Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide, result to serious health risks. If necessary steps are not taken, this can result in untimely deaths as well. 1 out of 5 people in your family is at a high risk of getting affected by such pollutants present in the air. Our motorized N95 pollution mask is very first step in leading you towards a fresh, cleaner air intake.


Air Pollution Causes -
How are they affecting our health and the planet?logo

Smog can irritate the eyes and throat and also damage the lungs, especially those of children, senior citizens, and people who work or exercise outdoors. The tiniest airborne particles in soot, whether gaseous or solid, are especially dangerous because they can penetrate the lungs and bloodstream and worsen bronchitis, lead to heart attacks, and even hasten death.

Ozone interferes with the ability of certain plants to respire, leading to increased susceptibility to other environmental stressors (e.g., disease, harsh weather). reduced lung function; irritation and inflammation of breathing passages. VOCs can mess well-being up insufficiently high focuses, and a new layer of paint may simply work. Ever notice a migraine after painting?

It contributes to formation of haze as well as acid rain, which changes the pH balance of waterways and damages foliage, buildings, and monuments. Irritation of breathing passages, aggravation of asthma, irregular heartbeat are some human health risks.

Gasoline-powered highway vehicles are the primary source, although residential heating systems and certain industrial processes also emit significant amounts of this gas. Exposure to carbon monoxide can be acutely harmful since it readily displaces oxygen in the bloodstream, leading to asphyxiation at high enough concentrations and exposure times.

AQI Rangeslogo

Each category corresponds to a different level of health concern. Find out what theAir Quality Index (AQI)
values tell say about your health issues.

good aqi
moderate aqi
poor aqi
unhealthy aqi
severe aqi
hazardous aqi

Good: People are no longer exposed to any health risks.

Moderate: Acceptable air quality for healthy adults but still pose threat to the sensitive individual.

Poor: Poor air quality can affect health issues such as difficulty in breathing.

Unhealthy: Toxic air can provoke health difficulties, especially in young kids and elderly people.

Severe: Breathing polluted AQI may lead to chronic health issues.

Hazardous: AQI exceeding 400 is highly unacceptable to humans- can lead to premature death.

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Prana Air brings you the best air quality monitoring devices measuring PM1, PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2, O3, NO2, SO2, NH3, etc. to understand the AQI level anytime anywhere.

purelogic labs india private limited

Launched in 2017, Purelogic Labs India Pvt. Ltd. is a hardware industrial company. It is an initiative to increase awareness about Air Pollution in your area. As awareness about poor air quality grows, we need sustainable solutions for maintaining a healthy and long life. Under the aegis of Purelogic Labs, two divisions are set up AQI India & Prana Air.

Two Divisions

AQI India, an inception of Purelogic Labs India Pvt Ltd, is a platform that provides the real-time air quality index (AQI) of any country, city & location.

Prana Air is an initiative of Purelogic Labs, introducing affordable & highly accurate air quality monitoring devices, sensors, motorized N95 masks, car air filters, room air purifiers, PCO cell air sanitizers, and fresh air machines.