Major Air Pollutants

In comparison to their homes, students spend a significant amount of time in educational institutes. There are several air pollutants that could potentially exist in these institutes, which can negatively impact the productivity and well-being of students and staff.

pm2.5 in school & institutes


Tiny dust particles that can be inhaled and enter the bloodstream through respiration.

co2 in school & institutes


At times, CO2 levels can exceed the desired limits in educational institutes.

tvoc in school & institutes


Potential sources of indoor air pollution include items such as glue, markers, and aerosol sprays.

ozone in school & institutes


Ozone can be particularly harmful to the developing lungs of students.

  • pm2.5 in school & institutes


    Chalkdust, outdoor PM
    coming in from windows

  • co2 in school & institutes



  • ozone o3 in school & institutes


    Outdoor O3 coming in from
    windows, printers, photocopiers

  • tvoc in school & institutes


    Carpets, Furniture, Craft supplies
    like markers, glue, paints, etc.

Who are at Risk?

Every group of people is vulnerable to the harmful effects of air pollution in educational institutions.
However, certain groups are more susceptible to the adverse impacts than healthy adults.

respiratory illness in schools & institutes

Respiratory Illness

Respiratory illness sufferers are at higher risk to air pollution.

teacher in schools & institutes


Side effects include decreased productivity, absenteeism, and poor concentration.

sensitive groups in schools & institutes

Sensitive Groups

Elderly and pregnant individuals have increased susceptibility to respiratory illnesses.

students in schools & institutes


Exposure to unhealthy air hampers growing tissue and cells among children.

Air quality Solutions For Schools

Prana Air offers air quality monitoring and purification solutions to ensure healthy air
for students and staff, creating a pollution-free environment.

Data Freemium Services

The data can be displayed or analyzed on the LCD screens or the app via our customized dashboard.
Scan the QR to know the AQI of the area you are in.

aqi tv app dashboard for school & institutes

TV Dashboard App

aqi customized dashboard app for school & institutes

Customised App for Schools

aqi monitor data qr code scan for school & institutes

QR Code Scan

The Effects of Air Pollution – On Students

When students are exposed to poor air quality a drastic drop in their overall performance is noticed.
According to a study report of UNICEF, a four-point drop in IQ by the age of 5 among a sample of children exposed to toxic air pollution.

Students With Clean Air

  • Improved arithmetic and calculation skills
  • Pupil absence decreased by 10-20%
  • Improved memory, attention, and IQ skills


Students Without Clean Air

  • An increase in the absence rate is noticed
  • Lower IQ levels among the students
  • Reduced attention and concentration

Impact Of Clean Air on General IQ of Students

Impact Of Clean Air on General IQ of Students graph

Frequently Asked Questions

About Air Quality Solutions for Schools & Institutes
Have questions? We’re here to help.

Many pollutants can be present inside a typical classroom. CO2 is the main pollutant followed by PM2.5 – dust, TVOCs, Ozone, etc.

Yes, you can monitor the temperature, noise, and humidity in an area.

Decreased IQ, alertness, attention, brain functioning, concentration, and increase in illness absence rates.

Prana Air Monitors are WiFi enabled so you don’t need to set up a wire framework to extract and display the data. Simply connect the monitor to the dashboard through WiFi connectivity and view the real-time data on your screens.

To know the nature of pollutants and by how much are they present in a classroom so that necessary actions can be taken.

Customizable dashboard, 24*7 remote access to the data, get health tips, real-time and historical data analysis, QR code to scan and know the real-time AQI of that area, and many more.

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