Major Air Pollutants

We spend more than 90% of our lives indoors and the air pollutants present indoors are 10x times more harmful than the ambient environment. Therefore, indoor air quality affects most occupants’ health. Various air pollutants in real estate such as residential areas and malls can exist.

pm2.5 level


Indoor PM or dust can be generated due to smoking, and combustion activities, and brought in by ventilation.

high co2 level


Ventilation and occupancy rates highly influence the CO2 levels in a room or enclosed area.

tvoc gas


Air fresheners, cleaning agents, paints, carpets, and furniture are some potential sources of TVOC.

co gas


Various utilities such as fireplaces and coal burning emit gases such as carbon monoxide.



Odor is one of the factors that affect the comfort level of occupants. Restrooms are a major source of the odor.

smoke icon


Cooking, fireplaces, burning of fuels, smoking, etc. release various air pollutants including smoke.

temperature and humidity

Temp. & Humdity

These two air factors play an important role in the comfort level of the occupants.

noise pollution


Hustle and bustle in hotels are quite normal. This sometimes creates a nuisance and disturbance for guests.

  • pm2.5 icon


    They have the ability to enter the
    bloodstream & can cause various diseases.

  • co2 icon


    Excess CO2 can cause perspiration,
    fatigue, suffocation, convulsions

  • noise icon


    Excessive noise can result in headaches
    & high blood pressure.

  • temperature and humidity


    Presence of more people increase more temp-humidity level.

  • odor problem


    When sweat and bacteria are exposed
    to gym fabric, produces a bad odor.

  • tvoc icon


    Headaches, and irritation in
    the eyes, nose, and throat

Who are at Risk?

People experience stuffiness in the air as the breathing rate goes up while exercising.
That means people inhale more oxygen and release more O2 than the normal rate.

Residential Areas



Air pollution severely hampers and impacts cognitive abilities and growth, tissue building, organ functioning, etc. among children.

pregnant women

Pregnant Ladies

When they are exposed to poor air quality, both mother’s and child’s health are affected. Poor air can affect prenatal development.

old people

Old People

Bad air quality promotes respiratory illnesses and disorders among old age people. Their old age makes them more vulnerable to illness.

person with health issues

People with underlying health issues

People with underlying disorders are highly susceptible to air pollution since their immune system is already weak.

Commercial Buildings

returning customers

Returning Customers

Good air quality encourages good business by creating a healthy and comfortable environment, especially for returning consumers.

Staff Members

Staff Members

When staff members are exposed to poor air quality, they experience reduced attentiveness and bad health that influences their attendance.

sensitive group

Sensitive Group

Children, old age people, pregnant ladies, and people with underlying health issues like cardiovascular disorders come under the sensitive group.

healthy individual

Healthy Individual

Even in healthy people, different air pollution parameters have varied effects on the body. Headaches & nausea are some of the symptoms.

Air quality Solutions

Bad air quality means decreased real-estate value. Air quality, both indoor and outdoor air quality plays a vital role in the real-estate business and directly impacts profits. Prana Air air quality monitoring and purification solutions are best suited for all possible indoor and outdoor air quality applications. Our smart solutions empower you to understand the air quality you breathe and what you can do to clean the air for utmost comfort and to create an air pollution-free zone, as well as view and analyze the IAQ of different floors of your buildings.

1st air quality monitoring  Air Quality Monitoring (with Wi-Fi or GSM)

Prana Air provides the smart indoor air quality monitors WiFi & GSM connectivity.

fresh air machine installed at home

Data Freemium Services

The data can be displayed or analyzed on the LCD screens or the app via our customized dashboard.
Scan the QR to know the AQI of the area you are in.

aqi tv app dashboard for real estates

TV Dashboard App

aqi customized dashboard app for real estates

Customized App for Real Estates

aqi monitor data qr code scan for real estates

QR Code Scan

The Effects of Air Pollution –Real Estates

When residents, customers, and staff are exposed to bad air quality, it affects their health, and therefore their overall experience. This majorly affects the real estate business.

With Clean Air

  • Improve ventilation
  • Good comfort score
  • Enhanced experience
  • Profits will increase


Without Clean Air

  • Less comfort
  • Low ventilation score
  • Bad experience
  • Profits will decrease

Frequently Asked Questions

About Air Quality Solution for Real Estates
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– Your health could be harmed by increased CO2 exposure. Health effects like nausea, vertigo, exhaustion, difficulty breathing, and perspiration can be evident in public spaces. Transmission of chronic illnesses like the flu and the common cold is fairly common.

– Many pollutants can be present inside rooms and lobbies of a residential building. CO2 is one of the main pollutants followed by microbial pollution, CO, temperature, humidity and noise.

– To know the nature of pollutants and how much are they present in real estates such as residency, malls, and commercial buildings so that necessary actions can be taken.

Prana Air Monitors are WiFi enabled so you don’t need to set up a wire framework to extract and display the data. Simply connect the monitor to the dashboard through WiFi connectivity and view the real-time data on your screens.

– Yes, you can monitor the temperature, noise, and humidity in an area.

– Customizable dashboard, 24*7 remote access to the data, get health tips, real-time and historical data analysis, QR code to scan and know the real-time AQI of that area, and many more.

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