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prana air tvoc odor monitor
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Air Quality Monitor

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The Prana Air Nano TVOC & HCHO monitor is a convenient air quality monitoring tool that allows you to track temperature, humidity, and levels of total volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde in real-time.

Real-time odor monitoring is possible thanks to sophisticated, cutting-edge technology.


prana air portable nano odor tvoc monitor
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is now exceedingly convenient!

With the Prana Air micro TVOC/HCHO monitor, monitoring has never been more convenient. Its stylish and functional design guarantees effortless portability, making it a pleasure to take even on extended travels.

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Unique Attributes of the Display

The Prana Air Nano TVOC/HCHO Monitor is a stylish and functional device that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology and a sleek, small design.

  • real time tvoc odor monitor iconReal-time Monitoring
  • PORTABLE DEVICEMini & Portable Device
  • Metal Oxide Semiconductor sensorMetal Oxide Semiconductor
  • tvoc monitor dynamic ui iconDynamic UI
  • BATTERY CAPACITY icon1000 mAh Lithium battery
  • HD-Color-DisplayHD Color Display
  • type-c usb iconType-C interface

Ultra HD″

1.9” Vibrant Color Immersion High Definition Screen

High-precision sensors, a user-friendly interface, and vivid color display provide real-time monitoring of gas concentration.

prana air nano odor tvoc hd display
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With its intuitive user interface, the Prana Air Nano TVOC/HCHO monitor is a convenient companion for easy result interpretation.

prana air odor tvoc monitor is portable


Simple On-the-Go Result Reading and Interpretation: The Compact and Portable Prana Air Nano TVOC/HCHO Monitor

prana air odor tvoc formaldehyde detector device

Dangers of Formaldehyde and TVOCs

It’s critical to monitor the respiratory environment for formaldehyde and TVOCs because exposures can cause a variety of health problems, such as headaches, dermatitis, respiratory disorders, skin issues, endocrine system disorders, and potentially cancerous effects.

Potential Health Risks from TVOC & HCHO


Security Range


Pharyngeal Discomfort


Irritation in the eyes, tearing


Brain damage, coma, or even death

real-time tvoc and hcho data
Data in Real-Time

on Temperature, Humidity, HCHO, and TVOC

The Prana Air TVOC/HCHO sensor provides real-time information and insights on indoor odor levels through the use of sophisticated MOS monitoring technology. With the help of this state-of-the-art tool, you can take charge of your surroundings and make wise decisions to lessen odor and encourage clean air.

monitoring real-time odor tvc in washroom
Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS)

For HCHO & TVOC Detection

TVOC and HCHO gases alter the semiconductor material’s resistance upon contact with the metal oxide surface, which modifies the electrical current flowing through it in a way that can be measured. The gadget then logs this variation and interprets it as a gas concentration level, giving real-time information on the quality of the air indoors.

High-sensitive Smart Chip

for more Accurate Detection

The instrument has a built-in high-performance smart chip that detects TVOC and formaldehyde levels, ensuring more accurate measurements.

  • High Sensitivity
  • Accurate Data
  • Fast Operation Speed
  • Energy Efficiency
smart chip on prana air tvoc odor monitor

Portable Convenience in Style


Type C Charging

prana air nano tvoc monitor type c charging


Anti-loss Lanyard

prana air tvoc monitor anti loss lanyard


Ultra HD Color screen

prana air tvoc monitor ulta hd display

Product Key functions

prana air tvoc monitor key functions
  • power key
  • Long Press : On/Off
  • Single Press : Change Temp. Unit (°C/F)
  • Single Press : Turn Alarm
  • on volume-on| off volume-off
  • Single Press : Change Brightness Levels
  • full-brightness half-brightness low-brightness.png
Large-capacity Polymer

Battery Endurance (1000 mAh)

A durable, high-performance polymer lithium-ion battery with a large capacity and long lifespan.

prana air nano tvoc odor battery capacity
measuring real-time tvoc hcho level with prana air monitor

Real-time TVOC and HCHO detection with An intelligent alarm system

  • Know the TVOC & HCHO levels around you

  • Detects TVOC/ odor in real-time with 2 seconds data refresh rate.

  • green-circule

    green: 0-0.99 mg/m3, Safe, No alarm sound:

  • yellow-circule

    Yellow: 0.100mg/m3, it will start a beep cycle alarm, once every 10 minutes.

alarm system in prana air tvoc monitor
  • Security
  • Cycle Alarm
  • Cycle Alarm
  • Cycle Alarm
  • 0.000~0.080mg/m³
  • 0.501~1.999mg/m³
  • 0.201~0.500mg/m³
  • 0.101~0.200mg/m³


Technical Specifications

Product Name :

Nano TVOC & HCHO Monitor

Warm-up time :

35 Sec

Working Temp. :


Detection Range :


Data Refresh Rate :

2 Sec

Charging Mode :

USB Type-C

Working Voltage :

3.7 V

Operating Humidity :

0-95% RH

Monitor Dimension :

51 x 17 x 85 (mm)

Comparison of Our Nano TVOC/HCHO monitor vs a high-end monitor

TVOC Monitor

  • Description :
  • Parameter :
  • Price :
  • Weight :
  • Range :
  • Accuracy :
  • Technology :
  • Portability :
prana air nano tvoc monitor low cost
tsi high end tvoc monitor
  • Nano TVOC Monitor
  • TVOC, HCHO, Temp, Humidity
  • Low Cost
  • 75g
  • 0~9.999 mg/m3
  • ±5%
  • MOS Sensing
  • Small & easy to carry
  • High-End TVOC Monitor
  • TVOC
  • High Cost
  • Almost 1 Kg
  • 0-20,000 ppb
  • ±3%
  • PID Sensing
  • Comparatively less portable

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this nano sensor is to identify HCHO and TVOC gasses.

No, only TVOC and HCHO gases are intended to be detected by this particular instrument.

Yes, in addition to measuring TVOC and HCHO gasses, this instrument also monitors humidity and temperature.

High-precision sensors on the device deliver dependable and precise data (±5%).

Yes, the gadget is made to be simple to use and intuitive.

Indeed, the gadget is portable and small, making it simple to take with you everywhere you go.

Yes, an alarm sounds when the TVOC reading is 0.100 mg/m3 and is yellow in color. Every ten minutes, a beep cycle alert will sound.

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