prana air nano co2 monitor
prana air co2 monitor
pranaa air nano co2 device
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Nano CO2 Monitor

Your portable health consultant

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You can track CO2 levels in real time with the Prana Air Nano CO2 monitor with NDIR Sensor, a convenient air quality monitoring tool. You can use cutting edge equipment that is both unique and advanced has a detection range of up to 5000 PPM and a 2-second data refresh rate. e. Giving you the ability to decide on the CO2 levels in your surroundings with knowledge.

Never before has CO2 monitoring

been so simple!

The Prana Air Nano CO2 Monitor is a handy tool that fits easily in a pocket or purse and is lightweight enough to carry over longer distances.

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The Nano CO2 Monitor’s features

While still giving you the information you need to improve the quality of the air inside your home or place of business, this small, compact gadget has a simple, beautiful design that makes it blend in effortlessly.

  • Real-time CO2
  • NDIR
  • Mini & Portable
  • HD Color
  • 700 mAh Lithium
  • Type-C
  • Dynamic UI
hd display on prana air co2 monitor

1.9″Ultra High Definition color Display

Its color screen with ultra-high definition makes it simple to view the CO2 levels in real time. Accurate measurements are guaranteed by the high-precision sensors incorporated within the panel.


prana air handy nano co2 monitor


Additionally, it is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. It is simple to operate with one hand.


prana air nano portable co2 monitor


One of this monitor’s greatest benefits is its portability. It makes it simple to monitor CO2 levels in various settings, enabling you to spot and solve any issues.

In the respiratory environment,

Carbon Dioxide

CO2 levels have an impact on our comfort and health. They may have both immediate and long-term negative effects on health when they beyond the advised limits.

health effects of co2 gas

Hazards of CO2

sleepy icon

Feeling sleepy and drowsy

1000-2000 PPM :

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Smooth Breathing

400-1000 PPM :


Headache, lethargy, and inability to concentrate

2000-3000 PPM :

brain icon

Can cause brain damage, coma, even death

>5000 PPM :

Real-time CO2

Air quality monitoring

co2 air quality monitor graph

  • CO2 Level

  • Occupancy


CO2 Identification

Numerous factors, such as occupancy, ventilation, and the number of people in a space, influence indoor CO2 levels. By precisely monitoring and measuring CO2 levels in real time, our cutting-edge NDIR sensor technology contributes to the upkeep of a comfortable and healthy interior environment.

NDIR Technology

For CO2 Detection

NDIR sensors are accurate, durable, and energy-efficient, they are recommended for CO2 monitoring. They function by releasing infrared light into the atmosphere and calculating how much of it is absorbed by CO2 molecules. Applications for the sensors are numerous and include medical diagnostics, industrial process control, and air quality monitoring.

Smart chip with high sensitivity

for more accurate detection

The instrument has the processing capacity necessary to precisely determine the quality of the air thanks to an integrated high-performance chip.

  • Elevated sensitivity
  • Quick operation
  • Accurate data
  • Energy efficiency
smart chip for prana air co2 monitor

Attractive details for
easy carrying


Type C Interface

prana air nano co2 monitor type-c charging


Anti-loss Lanyard

prana air co2 monitor lanyard


Ultra HD Color screen

prana air nano co2 monitor hd screen

Product Key functions

prana air nano co2 monitor key functions
  • on off key
    brightness key

    On/Off key

  • auto calibration key
    power button key

    One-button automatic calibration

  • brightness adjust key
    auto calibration key

    Brightness adjusting button

Large-capacity Polymer

Battery life

An exceptionally long endurance is offered by a high-performance 700 mAh polymer lithium battery. It is a dependable option for powering your air quality monitor because it is strong and safe.

long battery life of prana air co2 monitor


Technical Specifications

Product Name :

Nano CO2 Monitor

Warm-up time :

35 Sec

Working Temp. :


Detection Range :

Upto -5000 PPM

Data Refresh Rate :

2 Sec

Charging Mode :

USB Type-C

Working Voltage :


Operating Humidity :

0-95% RH

Interface Dimensions :

50.6 x 17 x 85 (mm)

monitoring real-time co2 gas level in restaurant
alert of alarm system in prana air co2 monitor


CO2 detection with an

intelligent alarm system

Green: | Safe, No alarm sound
Yellow, Orange, and Red: | Drip sound cycle alarm, once every 10 minutes.
Know the CO2 around you within 2 seconds:

Detects CO2 in real-time with 2 seconds data refresh rate.

  • 400 – 1000 ± 50PPM
  • 1201 – 1500 ± 50PPM
  • 1001 – 1200 ± 50PPM
  • 1501 ± 50PPM
  • Security
  • Cycle Alarm
  • Cycle Alarm
  • Cycle Alarm

Comparison of Nano CO2 vs High-End Monitor

  • Description :
  • Size :
  • Price :
  • Weight :
  • Range :
  • Accuracy :
  • Technology :
  • Portability :
prana air nano co2 monitor portable
tsi co2 monitor
  • Nano CO2 Monitor
  • Small
  • Low-cost
  • Lightweight
  • Upto 5000 ppm
  • ±5%
  • NDIR Sensor
  • High Portability
  • High-End Monitor
  • Bulky
  • Expensive
  • Comparatively Heavy
  • Upto 5000 ppm
  • ±3%
  • NDIR Sensor
  • Comparatively less portable

Frequently Asked
Questions About Nano CO2 Monitor

It is a tool for tracking the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in real time. It is easy to carry and use in a variety of indoor places because it is compact and lightweight.

An NDIR sensor is used by a tiny portable real-time CO2 monitor to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The infrared radiation that CO2 molecules in the air absorb can be measured by the sensor, and the data gathered from this measurement is processed to calculate the amount of CO2 in the surrounding air.

It’s important to maintain the best possible indoor air quality, and one practical approach to do so is to keep an eye on CO2 levels. Increased CO2 levels indicate insufficient ventilation and can lead to a number of health problems, including headaches, fatigue, soreness, and other related disorders. Monitoring CO2 levels can help determine when ventilation needs to be enhanced in order to maintain a healthy indoor air quality.

This adaptable gadget can be utilized in a variety of interior settings, including homes, workplaces, schools, hospitals, and other public structures. It turns out to be particularly helpful in places where people frequently spend a lot of time and where there may not be enough ventilation. These gadgets make it possible to track CO2 levels, guaranteeing ideal indoor air quality in a variety of situations.

Our Nano CO2 monitor is quite accurate in measuring CO2 levels, and it gets even more accurate with regular calibration. Reliable results are guaranteed by the device’s high-quality NDIR sensor, which provides accurate measurements of CO2 levels.

The CO2 monitor is easy to use; just turn it on and give it a few minutes to calibrate and start collecting readings. Parts per million (ppm) of the current CO2 concentration will be displayed by the device. Afterwards, you can make ventilation adjustments and enhance indoor air quality using this information.

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