heading ion iconEffective Elimination from various Pollutants

Prana Air Personal Air Purifier, Ideal for Respiratory Disorders, Effectively Eliminates Pollutants for a Healthier Environment.

  • ensuring cleaner air icon
  • Eliminates Pollen, ensuring cleaner air.
  • Effectively traps Dust Particles with our hanging purifier.
personal air purifier cleaning pollutants
  • tackles harmful icons
  • Tackles harmful PM2.5 for fresher indoor and outdoor environments.
  • remove smoke
  • Removes Smoke, keeping surroundings fresh and clean.

Impressive Features

That Redefine Air Purification
  • high density negative ion
  • Dual (-ve) Ion Emitters

    High-Density Negative Ion Emission (80-150 million/cm3)

  • long battery life icon
  • Long Battery Life

    Long-lasting Power with up to 30-60 Hours of Battery Life.

  • extended runtime icon
  • Extended Runtime

    Quick 2-Hour Charge, 45-Hour Purification with 700mAh Battery

  • ultra quite design icon
  • Ultra Quiet Design

    The Device Silently works its Magic by your side.

  • portable and wearable icon
  • Portable and Wearable

    Purify the air on the go, wherever you are.

  • no filter replacements icon
  • No Filter Replacements

    Hassle-free Maintenance with no Filter Replacement.

portable personal air purifier


Air Purifier

Experience effortless protection with our wearable air purifier. Easy to carry and use, it ensures clean and fresh air wherever you go.

prana air wearable purifier

The Benefits

of Wearable Air Purification

healthier breathing icon

Healthier Breathing

Eliminate pollutants and allergens for improved respiratory health.

enhanced focus icon

Enhanced Focus

Breathe clean air to boost energy and mental clarity.

smoke removal icon

Smoke Removal

Say goodbye to secondhand smoke with effective smoke elimination.

Stronger Immunity

Reduce exposure to pathogens and boost your immune system.


Customizable Purification

Adjust settings for personalized air cleansing.

How It Works negetive-ions

Harnessing the Power of Negative Ions

Harnessing Negative Ions for Healthier Air. Neutralizes harmful particles, enhances mood, and promotes well-being. Breathe pure and revitalizing air now!

dual negative ions emitter in prana air purifier

Efficiency Experiment:
How Prana Air Personal Air Purifier Cleans The Air Pollutants

Find out how much filtration efficiency of Prana Air’s Personal Wearable Air Purifier has. In this experiment, you will be able to see the efficiency of the product cleaning the smoke inside the small closed-chamber.

how to use prana wearable purifier video thumbnail



  • 2nd step to switch the mode of purifier
  • 01

    Long press the button to turn it on/off.and pressing the button once again shows blue (high gear).

  • 02

    After the negative ion purifier is turned on, the indicator light shows green (low gear),

  • red indicator when need to charge
  • 03

    The low battery indicator light is red, and the indicator light is red when charging.


Ionization technology

Now with Dual Ionizer! Effortlessly purify and freshen the air you breathe. Breathe cleaner, feel rejuvenated!


Negative ion emitter
lonization technology of prana air purifier

Stay Protected


Experience effortless protection with our wearable air purifier. Easy to carry and use, it ensures clean and fresh air wherever you go.

stay protected with prana air purifier

Prana Air’s

Air Purifier
Air Purifier


Negative ion emitter
prana air dual negative ions emitters


Negative ion emitter
other purifier with single ion emitter

Product Application:
Use of Prana Air Personal Air Purifier

This innovative personal air purifier can be used by anyone anytime at home or any workplace. The small air purifier can help you breathe clean air and give your safety from the unhealthy air quality.

For Every

Age Group

personal air purifier for child


Clean air for little lungs, Prana Air cares!

use of prana air purifier in office


Breathe easy with Prana Air, your daily companion.

old man using personal air purifier

Old Age

Nurture your health with Prana Air, age gracefully.

heading ion icon Attractive

details for easy carrying
  • Low Gear

  • High Gear

prana air wearable air purifier

  • Battery indicater

  • ON & OFF Switch Key

air purifier type-c-charging

Type C

Charging Port


two modes of speed in prana air personal air purifier

2 Adjustable Modes

  • High Gear
  • Low Gear

heading ion icon Product

Technical specifications

Negative ion concentration :

80-150 million /cm3

Product weight :


Input voltage :


Model :


Battery capacity :


Battery life. :


Charging time :

About 2 hours

Size :


Filter :

No filter replacement


Your Air Purification Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Prana Air Personal Air Purifier utilizes advanced high-density dual negative ion emitters to purify the air around you, providing cleaner and healthier air to breathe.

Yes, Prana Air Personal Air Purifier is designed to improve air quality and can be beneficial for individuals with respiratory conditions by reducing pollutants and allergens in the surrounding air.

The battery of Prana Air Personal Air Purifier can last up to 45 hours on a single charge, providing long-lasting usage before requiring a recharge.

Absolutely! Prana Air Personal Air Purifier features user-friendly controls, making it easy to operate and adjust settings according to your preferences.

Yes, Prana Air Personal Air Purifier is designed to be portable and wearable, making it suitable for use during various physical activities like workouts or outdoor adventures.

Prana Air Personal Air purifier works on the principle of negative ion emitters. It does not constitute any air filters thereby reducing the hassle of filter changes.

Yes, the Personal Air Purifier offers adjustable settings, allowing you to customize the purification intensity based on your preferences and the air quality of your surroundings.

Absolutely! The compact and portable design of Prana Air Personal Air Purifier makes it perfect for travel, providing clean and fresh air wherever you go.