Invisible Killers – Air Pollutants

We breathe hazardous air every day when we leave our houses,
yet we can’t see the unseen killers like PM2.5 and CO2, O3, SO2, and NO2.

pm2.5 icon


Gasoline, oil, wood combustion

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Vehicle & machinery that burns fossil fuels

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Emitted from cars, power plants, industrial broilers

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Vehicles, construction activities, power plants

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High sulfur-containing fuels used in large ships

How does ELECTROSTATIC FILTER help in cleaning the air?

Think of how the positive and negative sides of magnets attract each other.  This principle is applied to airborne
particles and plates within the air cleaner. If the particles passing through a filter are given an electrical charge, and you place
a couple of plates nearby with

electro static filtration

Two Variants – Different Size

Based on different sizes, the purification efficiency and CADR are different.







prana air outdoor air purifier mini

Outdoor Air Purifier (Mini)


prana air outdoor air purifier

Outdoor Air Purifier

Prana Air’s outdoor air purifier absorbs more than 80% of particulate matter, germs, and viruses in the drawn-in air. The heart of this technology is a newly created pre-filter and electrostatic filter that are extremely successful in reducing particulate matter in the air. Our outdoor air purifier also includes a UV light and a negative ion ionizer, which aid in the reduction of germs and viruses and thereby improves the general air quality of the region.

Technical Specification

Features Specifications
Fan Speed 12,000 CADR
Filtration Type 1st: Washable pre-filter
2nd: Electrostatic filter
3rd: UV Light
4th: Ionization
Dimension 1m x 1m x 3m
Power Supply 3000W

How would outdoor air purifiers aid in the development of a smart city?

Outdoor air filtration is a component of Prana Air’s Air Monitoring and Solutions Project, which will aid in filtering out dangerous pollutants present in different parts of a city. We deploy air purifiers at the street level to deliver air purifiers to smart city projects across the country. This will aid in reducing outdoor air pollution and maintaining a city’s ideal outdoor air quality.


prana air outdoor air purifier for a smart city

Applications of Prana Air Outdoor Air Purifier

The distribution of fast-moving air pollutants is uneven. On one side of a block, air pollution might be up to eight times greater than on the other. We prioritize great spatial and temporal resolution in outdoor air quality filtration. There are several applications in many outdoor settings. 

Prana Air outdoor air purifier at airports


Air purifiers at places like airports are extremely important as the combustion of fuels releases various pollutants like CO that can be harmful to the travellers and people living near airports.

Prana Air outdoor air purifier at parks

Public Park:

People go to parks for runs, walks, and relaxation, and children play in parks. An air purifier will help different age groups present in parks to breathe clean air.

Prana Air outdoor air purifier at bus stops

Bus Stop:

PM pollution at bus stops is mostly produced by automobile combustion. People are exposed to higher levels of various vehicle-based pollution while waiting at bus stops.

Prana Air outdoor air purifier at railway stations

Railway/Metro Platform:

Air pollution builds in places where trains come and depart continuously on railway/ metro stations. The air near these areas is more polluted than in the areas with no railway/metro stations.

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