NO2 Sensor
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nitrogen dioxide sensor

20 PPB NO2 Sensor (Low Resolution)

Prana Air NO2 sensor operates on this electrochemical gas sensing mechanism. The accurate Prana Air sensors have been employed in numerous research projects. When it comes to long-term continuous monitoring, our products are renowned for being dependable and durable. These sensors are built to withstand tough conditions both indoors and outside for a long time.

NO2 gas typically enters the atmosphere as a result of fuel combustion, such as emissions from vehicles including cars, buses, trucks, and factories. Its airborne presence aids in the formation of air pollutants. This gas is extremely dangerous and can lead to respiratory illnesses, asthma attacks, and even lower crop yields in agricultural operations.

nitrogen dioxide no2 sensor

1 PPB NO2 Sensor (High Resolution)

The sensor has a robust signal, low zero current resolution of 50 parts per billion (ppb), and a 20ppm operational range. It works well with portable, fixed, gas analyzer, and air quality monitoring equipment. The sensor features dependable long-term detection performance and a warranty against electrolyte leaks.

A: 20mm diameter, standard size for portability
B: 32mm diameter package
D: Miniature, having long-term performance

– Precision of measurement: 1 PPB
– Electrolyte leak-free
– Reliable for long term detection
– Low power consumption
– ROHS compliant

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The atmospheric pollutant nitrogen dioxide has a strong smell. Reddish-brown, brown, or yellow are the colours of gas. The gas reacts with combustible and reduceable materials because of its high degree of oxidation. Nitric acid and nitric oxide may be produced as a result of the process. Fossil fuel combustion, vehicle emissions, explosive use, welding, the refining of metal and petroleum, volcanoes, and microbiological activity are some of the sources of nitrogen dioxide.

Why to Choose Prana Air Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Sensor ?


The sensor is small in size having ultra-thin packaging that eases the fit in big and handheld devices for monitoring.


The sensor has about 10 years (a decade) of operational life outlasting other sensors available on the market.

Highly Responsive

The sensor has a swift response time of about 15 seconds.

Energy Efficient

The power input required by the nitrogen gas sensors for operation is very low which reduces the energy consumption.

Individual Calibrated

For higher accuracy and precision, the sensor is individually calibrated.

RoHS Compliant

The nitrogen Dioxide sensor is free from toxic and hazardous substances and is in compliance with ROHS.

Technology We Use

What technology is being used in Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor?

The electrochemical gas sensing technique is the foundation for the nitrogen dioxide gas sensors. Oxidation and reduction are the foundation of the technology. Every time gas travels over the sensor, current is produced between the working and counter electrodes. An ion conductor connects the working and counter electrodes. The nitrogen dioxide concentration in the air is determined by the generated current. This technique for calculating NO2 concentration has been demonstrated to be reliable and accurate.

prana air no2 sensor

NO2 Sensor Calibration

The sensor is calibrated in a standard environment with the following parameters: 23 + 3 °C temperature, 50 + 15% relative humidity, 0.9-1.1 atm pressure, and 0.05 m/s air velocity. Calibration is the process of comparing a reference measurement to an observed measurement made with your equipment. Nitrogen dioxide is present in an area of interest, and a NIST standard gas cylinder is employed as a calibration reference.

Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Dimension

Prana Air NO2 Sensor Dimension
prana air no2 sensor specfications

Technical Indicators of NO2 Sensor

Parameter Value
Measurement Range 0 to 5 ppm
Lower Detection Limit < 20 ppb (instrumentation dependent)
Resolution < 100 ppb (instrumentation dependent)
Repeatability < +/- 5 % of reading or 10ppb
Response Time < 15 seconds
Sensitivity -30 +/- 10 nA/ppm
Overload Passes EN50291-1 Sec. 5.3.6 5,000 ppm overload
Expected Operating Life > 5 years (@ 23+/-3C; 40+/-10% RH)
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 50 C (-20 to 40 C recommended)
Operating Humidity Range – non-condensing 0 to >95% RH (15 to 95% continuous)
Power Consumption 10 to 50 uW (circuit & ambient NO2 dependent)
prana air nitrogen dioxide no2 sensor digital board

Where is this NO2 sensor applicable?

uses of prana air nitrogen dioxide no2 sensor

Health & Environmental Impacts of NO2 Gas

The NOx group of highly reactive gases includes NO2, too. Unlike NO2, which is a smelly, acidic gas that is brownish in colour. It contributes to the development of other pollutants like smog, particulate matter, and acid rain, as well as the nitric acid that is responsible for corrosion when it combines with oxygen. It is a flame accelerator but not flammable in and of itself.

The most observed side effect of NOX is respiratory problems. It can cause asthma if exposed for a very long period. For short exposure, it can cause: 

– Reduced immunity
– Breathing problem
– Asthma
– Heart failure
– Forms other compounds like PM and ozone which in themselves are bad
– Altered lungs function
– Irritation in airways
– Coughing, breathing difficulty, wheezing
– Cardiovascular problems, reduced birth weight, high risk of premature death

Environment effects are severe due to excessive concentration of this gas:

– Acid rain by forming an acidic compound with moisture present in the air
– Hazy air (smog)
– Polluting water
– Participate in the formation of Ozone
– Particulate (PM) formation
– Reaction with NO and other chemicals leads to formation of PM and ozone.
– Acts as a stressor to plants and results in chlorophyll content reduction.
– Affects vegetation, foliage
– Reduced growth of crops and plants
– Equal contributor in acid rain
– Nutrient pollution in coastal water bodies

NO2 Gas Sources:

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is prevalent in the environment in very minute amounts, but because of our excessive resource usage and other activities, the level is rising to a problematic level. The production of no2 gas has both natural and artificial causes.

Some natural causes are:

– Volcano eruptions or places with active volcanoes.
– Seas
– Biodegradation of trash to produce fertiliser
– The production of NO2 gas is aided by the heat and charge that lightning introduces into the atmosphere.

NO2 gas is produced artificially via the following methods:

– Emissions from automobiles, trucks, boots, and aircraft
– Fertilizer production, particularly that of ammonia, generates a significant amount of NOx emissions, especially in power plants.
– Kerosene and gas stoves
– Heavy-duty vehicles fuelled by diesel have been seen to produce more NO2 and other pollutants.

Corrective Actions To Lower NO2

Monitoring the concentration of NO2 is the main preventive strategy, which is where our Prana air sensor and air quality monitors come in in. In addition, the following corrective actions could help us avoid the respiratory effects of this gas:

– Vehicles with low emission levels can aid in the reduction of NO2 production.

– Alternative fuels, such as hydrogen cells and electric vehicles, can help reduce the overall impact of NO2 production.

– Avert clogged up roads.

– Increasing the efficiency of engines

– Using a bus or train

– Making fertiliser in a confined environment and treating the gases that are produced there.

Applications of NOSensor

use of no2 sensor in ambient air quality monitoring

Continuous Ambient Air Quality
Monitoring Station

no2 sensor for Industrial Safety Equipment

Industrial Safety

use of no2 sensor in automobile equipments

Automobile Equipment

no2 sensor for Gas detectors

Gas Detectors for Commercial &
Food Manufacturing Units

no2 sensor for Oil Refineries

Regulatory Instruments at Power Plants
& Oil Refineries

no2 sensor for Retrofit devices for dg sets

Retrofitting Devices
For DG Sets

Frequently Asked Questions
(NO2 Sensor)

Does this sensor come with its board?

It is an optional for the customer. Digital board along micro controller and NO2 sensor can be purchased separately or both.

How does this Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor work?

Our nitrogen dioxide sensor works on the principle of the electrochemical gas sensing technique.

What is the measurement range of the sensor?

Its measurement range is 0 – 5 ppm.

What is the warranty period of the sensor?

We provide 6 months warranty only on manufacturing defects.

What mode of connectivity is used for this Nitrogen Dioxide sensor?

Prana Air provides our own solution for the connectivity of the sensor through a USB microcontroller and digital board to UART Bridge.

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