Clean Air Machine As (IAQ) Indoor
Air Quality

One-stop solution for indoor air quality solution by Prana Air Fresh Air Machine, working as an air purifier with
the capability to filter out air pollutants up to 99.5% efficiency and multi-layer HEPA filters.

multi-layer hepa filters

Multi-layer HEPA+ Carbon Filters

There are multi-layer grade-13 HEPA+ Carbon filters that removes tiny particles like allergens, dust, and fine particle
matter. This provides more efficient air filtration.

large coverage area

Large Coverage Area

Its coverage area is 1200 square feet, which is perfect for large rooms or 2 small rooms.It covers 2-3x more area than other air purifiers.

filtration of 99.5% efficiency

Promising Upto 99.5% efficiency

This fresh air machine can filter out upto 99.5% of unwanted particles, gems, mold, bacteria, etc. providing garden-fresh air indoor environment.

ai enabled airflow

AI-Enabled Air Flow

The machine is designed to understand the number of occupancies present in a room. Then, it automates the airflow accordingly without any human intervention.

Let’s Find Out How Prana Air Fresh Air Machine
Purifies Indoor Air Pollutionlogo

Key Parameters, Its Sources & the Health Impacts

By Indoor Air Pollution (AQI)logo

Its Sources:

According to WHO, 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants and over 7 million people die each year as a result of tiny particles in contaminated air. PM2.5 and PM10 are tiny breathable particles and major contributors to these pollutants that are suspended in the air. Some of the major sources include cooking, incense burning, fungi mold, and contaminants carried in by outsiders.

Health Impacts:

Irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat, coughing, sneezing, and breathing difficulties are some of its short-term health impacts. Long-term exposures can worsen asthma and lung difficulties, as well as cause heart attacks and irregular heartbeat.

Its Sources:

Outdoor CO2, breathing, contaminants carried in by outsiders, and the ventilation rate of the room or building are all major sources of CO2.

Health Impacts:

Normal ambient CO2 levels are 220-400 ppm. but indoor CO2 levels can reach 2000 ppm, causing lethargy, drowsiness, and stale, stuffy air. Short-term impacts include poor focus and an elevated heart rate. Long-term consequences include coma, death, and impaired brain development in children due to oxygen deprivation.

Its Sources:

Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) are the total amount of gases and smells released by numerous toxins and chemicals present in daily items such as paints and varnishes, cosmetics, carpets, curtains, furniture, hobby products, and so on. If you have poor ventilation or an enclosed space, they contaminate the fresh air within.

Health Impacts:

Headaches, nausea, coughing, skin irritation, and other short-term consequences of TVOC include headaches, nausea, coughing, and skin irritation. Long-term effects on the liver, spleen, blood, and respiratory disorders such as asthma and cancer.

Its Sources:

HCHO, or formaldehyde is a compound that evaporates at room temperature. It is a typical indoor air pollutant released by building materials (particleboard, plywood, and other pressed-wood products), smoking, household items, and the use of unvented, fuel-burning equipment such as gas stoves or kerosene space heaters (according to US EPA).

Health Impacts:

Even at low concentrations, it can irritate a person’s eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, or induce an asthma attack, according to CARB (California Air Resources Board). Prolonged exposure to formaldehyde can even cause cancer.

germs and bacteria
pollutants indoor

Prana Air IAQ Solutionslogo

Take a look at some photos of the clean air machine, internal and external parts how it looks like.
You can see the numbers and thickness of the filters.

pranaair fresher air machine inner parts
fresher air filter monitor
fresher air filter layers
fresher air filter

Machine Working logo

Machine Working Mechanismlogo


Take a look at some photos of the clean air machine, internal and external parts how it looks like. You can see the numbers and thickness of the filters.

Filter Technology logo

Advanced Multi-Layer HEPA and Carbon Filters ensure 99.97% particle capture. Say goodbye to impurities and odors. Breathe fresh, live fresh – get yours now!

control the fresh air mahcine remotely

Control the
Air You Breathelogo

The user has complete control over the machine
with an smart app or LED-display Controller to
customize and optimize air flow to their exact
preferences. Enjoy the benefits of continuous
flow of fresh, oxygen-rich air, creating a comfortable
and healthy living space. Say goodbye to stale air,
allergies, and unpleasant odors.

winter comfort

Energy-Efficient Heating
(Winter Comfort)logo

During colder months, the heating plate warms the
air, offering an energy-efficient solution. Users have the option to activate the heating plate, ensuring a comfortable and inviting environment throughout
the winter season.

energy efficient heating winter comfort

Fresh Air – Two modes logo

recirculation mode on fresh air machine
  • recirculation door img
  • Mode 1 : Recirculation

    The air inside the room passes through the fresh air machine via an open damper. The machine filters and recirculates the air back into the room, which is advantageous during high pollution levels outside

outdoor air mode on fresh air machine
  • outdoor air door img
  • Mode 2 : Outdoor Air

    In this mode, the closed damper enables outside air to enter thefresh air machine for purification, before entering indoors. This is advantageous when indoor pollution levels are high, making air recirculation ineffective .

Technical Specifications logo

  • Product:
  • Air purifying machine

  • CADR:
  • 1000 m3/h

  • Overbottom
  • 110 Pa

  • No. of Filters:
  • Multilayer HEPA+ Carbon

  • Power:
  • 0.45KW

  • Voltage:
  • 220V

  • Purification
  • Up to 99.5%

  • Product Dimension:
  • 1450 x 450 x 450 (mm)

  • Coverage Area:
  • 1200 Sq. Ft

  • Filtration Stage:
  • Multiple stage

  • Type of Filter:
  • 13 grade HEPA filters

  • Device Control:
  • Mobile app & LED monitor

Room Air Purifier Vs Prana Air Fresh Air Machinelogo

  • Mode
  • Ventilation
  • CO2 emissions
  • Number of filters
  • Filter life
  • Coverage Area
  • Purification Efficiency
  • PM2.5 & PM10

Room Air Purifier

  • Re-circulation and re-filtration of the same air.
  • It does not support a ventilation mechanism.
  • No, it cannot purify co2 gas.
  • It may have 1-2 filters which may or may not include HEPA filters.
  • The average life is 6 months depending on the air quality level.
  • It can cover an area from 250 to 400 sq. ft.
  • Up to 98% efficiency rate
  • It can filter particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10)
    to an extent, as the same air is recirculated
    inside the room.

Prana Air Fresh Air Machine

  • It purifies the outside air and then brings that filtered air indoors.
  • It supports the ventilation mechanism.
  • Yes, it purifies gases including CO2.
  • It has 3 separate 13-grade multi-layer True HEPA filters.
  • It can last up to 1 year depending upon the ambient air quality.
  • It can cover a 1200 sq. ft. area.
  • Up to 99.5% efficiency rate
  • It purifies the air from pollutants like
    PM2.5 and 10 as it filters these out
    from the air before they can enter indoors.
hvac machine

A Big Difference Between HVAC System And

Prana Air Fresh Air Machinelogo

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems are found in shopping malls, hotels, and hospitals, among other places. HVAC systems are mostly used for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, as the name indicates. Although no such air filters are put within an HVAC system, it may have 1-2 filters that may filter out dust particles visible to the naked eye. However, as the rate of pollution and poor air quality rises, there is an urgent need to adopt smarter options. Dust, pollen, mold, smoke, particulate matter, pet dander, and VOCs are all filtered out by the HEPA air filtering system used in Prana Air’s Fresh Air Machine. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing Filters, and it is, as the name implies, more efficient and less expensive than typical HVAC purification systems.

Applications of Prana Air Fresh Air Machinelogo

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Prana Air Fresh Air Machinelogo

    Prana Air’s fresh air machine filters the ambient air and then brings that air inside your home. Whereas, room air purifiers refilter and recirculate the same air inside your room again and again.

    Our air purifying machine consists of three 13-grade HEPA filters.

    Yes, there is 1-year warranty on the fresh air machine

    You don’t have to be concerned about the setup. Our in-house technician will install the device.

    Prana Air Fresh Air Machine has three filters. 1st filter: 39.5 x 4.5 x 19 (cm), 2nd filter: 39.5 x 4.5 x 19 (cm), 3rd filter: 39.5 x 20 x 19 (cm).

    Yes, you can change a filter individually if there is a need.

    Air pollutants like PM1, PM2.5, and PM10, CO2, TVOC & HCHO can be excluded from the clean air coming out of the machine’s outlet.

    Prana Air Fresh Air Machine offers a coverage area of 1200 square feet. This means that our device can easily function in a very large room or two small rooms with utmost precision.

    The product’s dimension is 29.7 x 16.5 x 9 (inch).

    Overbottom pressure is 110 Pa and air quantity is 300m3/h, nearly 176 CFM.

    – It can filter the air pollutants up to 99.5%.

    You have to use an indoor air quality monitor like Prana Air – an air quality monitoring device to check the reading of the air quality. The AQI can be checked using the AQI App, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.