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2nd Gen Mask Filter

$ 6.64 $ 5.31

Prana Air 2nd Gen Mask Filter is a multi-layer filter which has 1 pre-filter, 2 HEPA filters and 2 carbon filters. It can easily filter the particulate matters like PM2.5 and PM10, the dust. Two layers of activated carbon eliminates toxic gases and oil also.


N95 Pollution Mask

$ 65.00 $ 59.00

Our 2nd Gen Pollution Mask is a smart portable air purifier with highly technological muti-layer filter and motorized purification system.  It can protect a person from breathing harmful particles in air efficiently.


Pollution Mask Filter

$ 6.65 $ 5.32

The filter has the following unique features:

– 6 Layers Motion Mask Filter
– 99.95% purification efficiency
– 1 Pre-Filter
– 1 White Filter
– 2 layers of Activated Carbon
– 2 layers of HEPA that stops PM 2.5 and PM1
– Prevents harmful gases
– Stops large particles


Junior Pollution Mask For Children

$ 53.07 $ 46.42

With 3 fan speeds, 5-layers protection and 6-8 hours battery life, Prana Air Junior Pollution Mask signifies safety and it is perfect pollution mask for children for outdoor environment.


Adult Pollution Mask

From: $ 46.42

With 3 fan speeds, 5 layers hepa filter protection and upto 6 hrs battery life, Prana Air Adult Pollution Mask signifies safety and it is perfect for anti-pollution in outdoor environment.

Grey Mask is available now.

Mask Front Cap - WhiteMask Front Cap Out Of Stock

Mask Front Cap

From: $ 3.99

Mask Front Cap : Prana Air Pollution Mask comes with a front cap in three different colors – White, Pink, and Grey. Users can easily remove the front cap from the mask and replace it whenever needed.