Split AC Filter As Air Purifier

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Convert your air conditioner into an air purifier with Prana Air AC filter compatible with the split ACs of any brand and tonnage. A wondrous filter with nanofibers to filter out up to 99.7% of biological and particulate contaminants in your room.

– Created with Finesse: The mesh of electrospun nanofibers infused with antimicrobial additives capture the tiniest of airborne particles.

– Epitome of Excellence: Filters out particles of size up to 100 nanometers (0.1 microns) with an efficiency of 99.7% including particulates, bacteria, and viruses.

– Compatible: Compatible with the split ACs of any brand and tonnage.

– Long-lasting:  Has an estimated long life of 200-500 hours based on indoor air quality.

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Prana Air Split AC Filter

Benefits of Prana Air AC Filters:

(1) Use an air filter to reduce allergies.

You can protect yourself from outdoor allergens by wearing a mask. But you cannot wear a pollution mask indoors. For indoor allergies, converting your air conditioner into an air filter might be really beneficial.

(2) Harmful chemicals are removed from indoor environments.

An air filter helps in decreasing dust, smoke, and other particles as they filter these particles before entering indoors. They also help in minimizing other pollutants like carbon dioxide, ozone, PM1, and PM2.5 Particulate Matters in interior environments.

(3) Clean filtered air will help you sleep better.

Breathe good, sleep better! Air filters in your air conditioner also help you sleep better at night as it eliminates several air pollutants from entering your home.

(4) Air filters can also reduce illnesses.

When you breathe clean air chances of you becoming sick are also reduced. You may minimize your risk of ailments such as asthma, allergies, and others by breathing cleaner air. Breathing polluted air can also affect your liver, kidney, and blood systems.

(5) Highly beneficial for sensitive groups, children, and pregnant ladies.

Air Purifiers are highly beneficial for children as they breathe heavily and inhale more air as compared to an adult. Cleaner air aids sensitive groups (people with respiratory diseases or genetic disorders) as well. Pregnant ladies also benefit from it as indoor pollutants are harmful to both mother and the child.

(6) Cost-effectiveness

You don’t need to install an air purifier when your air conditioner also performs as a purifier. Your air conditioner serves both as a coolant and air purifier at the same time. It saves maintenance as well as installation cost.


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