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    Car Cabin Air FilterCar Cabin Air Filter

    Car Cabin Air Filter
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    Prana Car Cabin Air Filter With 5 Layers:

    • Its purification efficiency is 99.95% .
    • It blocks a high concentration of dust and dirt particles, pollen and second hand smoke from entering your lungs.
    • The oxygen generating molecular sieve produces fresh, new oxygen.
    • The catalyst removes the HCHO to improve the quality of the air.
    • The carbon enables the removal of VOCs from off-gasses, with reduction efficiencies above 99%.
    • In the presence of light, the photo catalyst transforms the coated surface, creating air purification and cleans the fine dust particles from inside the car.
    Prana Air Split AC FilterPrana Air - Air Conditioner AC Filter Out Of Stock

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    Convert your air conditioner into an air purifier with Prana Air AC filter compatible with the split ACs of any brand and tonnage. A wondrous filter with nanofibers to filter out up to 99.7% of biological and particulate contaminants in your room.

    – Created with Finesse: The mesh of electrospun nanofibers infused with antimicrobial additives capture the tiniest of airborne particles.

    – Epitome of Excellence: Filters out particles of size up to 100 nanometers (0.1 microns) with an efficiency of 99.7% including particulates, bacteria, and viruses.

    – Compatible: Compatible with the split ACs of any brand and tonnage.

    – Long-lasting:  Has an estimated long life of 200-500 hours based on indoor air quality.

    Room Air Purifier FilterRoom Air Purifier Filter

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    Air Purifier FilterAutomatically cleans your room with 99.99% efficiency, capturing fine dust particles:
    • 3 Layers Prana Air purifier filter
    • It captures large particles such as dust, hair, pet dander.
    • Efficiency up to 99.05%.
    • With the help of the HEPA filter, the purifier removes harmful bacteria, viruses and other small particles such as allergens, mold.
    • The filter layer is made of small pieces of carbon that allow the chemical reaction between the activated carbon and organic compounds in the air – making them stick to the filter.
    prana air 2nd Gen Mask Filter

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    Prana Air 2nd Gen Mask Filter is a multi-layer filter which has 1 pre-filter, 2 HEPA filters and 2 carbon filters. It can easily filter the particulate matters like PM2.5 and PM10, the dust. Two layers of activated carbon eliminates toxic gases and oil also.

    Prana Air Adult Mask FilterAdult Mask Filter

    Adult Mask Filter Original price was: 6.01$.Current price is: 4.81$. 4.81$ Know Moreadd to cart

    The filter has the following unique features:

    – 6 Layers Motion Mask Filter
    – 99.95% purification efficiency
    – 1 Pre-Filter
    – 1 White Filter
    – 2 layers of Activated Carbon
    – 2 layers of HEPA that stops PM 2.5 and PM1
    – Prevents harmful gases
    – Stops large particles