SO2 Sensor 50 PPM Range
0.01 PPM Resolution


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prana air so2 sensor sulphur dioxide

SO2 Sensor (0.01 PPM Resolution)

Prana Air SO2 sensor is made with precision and fineness for both industrial-grade and consumer-grade safety monitoring. The sensor is based on electrochemical technology for highly toxic SO2 gas. The sensor allows easy inclusion of all monitoring and regulatory solutions as it has ultra-thin packaging, and is compact and cost-effective. The sensors are robust, have higher operational life, and diversified applications for commercial, industrial, and residential grade instruments.

prana air 1 ppb so2 sensor

1 PPB SO2 Sensor (High Resolution)

High-resolution sensors are available in PPB and PPM variants making them highly suitable for various applications for portable and fixed detecting instruments, Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS), and networks.

– Fineness and precision
– Resolution: 1 PPB
– Dimension 20mm x 20mm
– Stable response
– Electrochemical technology-based

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Sulfur Dioxide is a toxic gas having a burnt odor. The odor of sulfur dioxide is similar to that of nitric acid. The gas is acidic erosive and is capable to form dangerous compounds like sulfuric acid and sulfate pollutants by reacting with atmospheric compounds. The sources that release sulfur dioxide in nature are fossil fuel burning, power plants, metal extraction, volcanoes, industrial facilities, different vehicular emissions, refining and extraction of oil, and diesel engines. However, the push toward BSVI engines by Indian Government has made a significant impact. 

Why To Choose Prana Air SO2 Sensor?

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The compact size of the sensor enables it to be installed into any kind of setting, big or small, allowing it to be versatile in handheld as well as stationary devices.

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The SO2 sensor comes with a long life of almost 10 years. With this kind of longevity, there is no need to worry about calibration and breakdown.

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Highly Responsive

Prana Air SO2sensor is not only precise but swift too with an average response time of 15 seconds.

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Energy Efficient

With our sensors, there is no need to worry about energy consumption as not only they are accurate but energy saving too.

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Individual Calibrated

Sulfur Dioxide sensors are calibrated for every device before integration for providing accurate observation.

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RoHS Compliant

Our sensors are in sync with the guidelines set by the RoHS for the restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

What technology is being used in SO2 Sensor?

Prana Air provides the best in class air quality monitoring solutions providing accurate observations. Our monitors use an electrochemical sensor for so2 monitoring which is the most sought after monitoring among different monitoring processes. Our SO2 sensor works on the principle of the electrochemical gas sensing technique. These sensors are amperometric fuel cells designed to quantify the concentration of a gaseous toxin.

The technique involves three components out of which two are electrodes (working and counter) and the other is an ion conductor. The ion conductor is the bridge for electrodes. When SO2 passes through the sensor a current is generated between the electrodes due to oxidation and reduction reaction. The current generated is directly proportional to the concentration of SO2 present.

prana air so2 sensor dimension

SO2 Sensor Calibration

Calibration of so2 sensor is comparing the standard measurement with your device’s measurement. To calibrate the sensor, 23 + 3oC temperature, 50 + 15% relative humidity, 0.9-1.1atm pressure and air velocity of 0.05m/s were used as standard environmental conditions. The accuracy and traceability of measurement are also determined by calibration. For calibration, the NIST standard of gas cylinder is used for reference.

prana air so2 sensor with digital board
prana air sulfur ioxide so2 sensor with board

Technical Indicators of 50 PPM SO2 Sensor

Parameter Value
Measurement Range 0 to 50 ppm
Resolution 0.01 PPM
Repeatability < +/- 3 % of reading
Response Time < 15 seconds
Sensitivity @ 200 mV bias 25 +/- 10 nA/ppm
Service Life 2 years (-20℃~50℃ in air)
Operating Temperature Range -20℃~50℃
Operating Humidity Range – non-condensing 15%RH – 90%RH (no condensation)
Operating Voltage 3.7V~5.5V
Module size
length 27mm × width 25mm × height 22mm

Applications of SO2 Sensor

Air quality monitoring equipment

Air Quality Monitoring

application of so2 for Industrial

Industrial Safety

application of so2 Automobile

Automobile & Locomotive

application of so2 for Power plants

Regulatory Instruments at Power Plants
& Oil Refineries

application of so2 for vehicle emissions

Vehicular Emission Detectors
& Controllers

application of so2 sensor for Retrofit devices for dg sets

Retrofitting Devices
For DG Sets

Frequent Asked Questions



1. What are the factors that can affect the working of the sensor?

The factors such as water, salt contamination, operation at high temperature, and low humidity for a prolonged period can affect the performance of the sensor.

2. Will the sensor come along with a digital board or not?

The sensor does not come with a digital board but if needed, an additional purchase of a digital board along with the microcontroller is recommended.

3. What conditions are used for calibration?

The standard environmental conditions for sensor calibration used are 23 + 3oC temperature, 50 + 15% relative humidity, 0.9-1.1atm pressure and air velocity of 0.05m/s. The alteration in environmental conditions may affect the sensitivity of sensor but is easily compensated.

4. What is the duration of warranty for the sensor?

Prana Air provides 6 months warranty on the sensor only on manufacturing defects.

5. What connectivity is used in SO2 sensor?

Prana Air provides our own solution for the connectivity of the sensor through a USB microcontroller and digital board to UART Bridge.

6. What is the safe level of exposure for SO2?

According to NIOSH and OSHA, the personal exposure limit for SO2 is 2 ppm and 5 ppm respectively.

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