Solution of PM2.5 Sensor For Monitoring Construction Pollution at the Sites

Air pollution has been a major cause of concern for a long time now and there one major aspect of it that goes unnoticed is the air pollution due to construction. 30% of the air pollution prevalent in Delhi is caused due to construction pollution i.e. particulate matter –  pm2.5, pm10 dust particles produced from the construction sites. 


Dust Pollution Control Self Assessment Under

1. DPCC (Delhi Pollution Control Committee)

2. HSPCB (Haryana State Pollution Control Board)

3. UPPCB (Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board)

Major Sources of Air Pollution at Construction Sites

The government recognized the problem and has come up with a solution for dust mitigation. The Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change recently issued a notice regarding the construction pollution at the project sites in Delhi NCR and other regions that come under the Commission for Air Quality and Management (CAQM).

A bunch of instructions by Govt. of India is given in order to curb the Construction and Demolition activities in Delhi NCR, India which are as follows:-

The Government announced that an online tool should be introduced to keep track of whether the pollution control rules are being implemented as per said rules.

All projects of construction and demolition whose area is 500 square meters or more than 500 square meters which come under Delhi NCR have to register at the web portal.

Video fencing that is also well-found with remote 4G connectivity should be integrated with the web portal for effective observation of the implementation of pollution control measures.

All the construction and demolition sites need to be equipped with economical and accurate sensors of the particulate matter, PM10, AND PM2.5. The sensors should be linked to where they can be accessed live at all times by the CPCB, government, and other government bodies.

Press Information Bureau Government of India
Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

32 construction sites were fined around ₹15 lakh after a surprise visit by the Delhi officials for not following the dust-mitigation guidelines issued by CAQM. Strict supervision has begun and measures are being taken against the offenders. To promote air quality

Prana Air Offers the Solution for Measuring Construction Pollution – PM2.5, PM10 Dust Particles
As Per Delhi Government’s Guidelines

Prana Air has the perfect solutions that match the directions issued by the CAQM. Prana Air PM2.5 Sensor is a reliable and low-cost device that will be your one-stop solution for the perfect sensor. It is an optically designed industrial-grade, digital laser sensor to measure the particulate matter, PM10 and PM2.5, separately. It is an extremely economical choice as compared to the old and traditional sensors available and is already installed by many renowned companies.

prana air pm2.5 sensor

PM2.5 Sensor

Prana Air provides particulate matter – PM sensor measuring the concentration of air pollutants such as PM10, PM2.5, PM1 in an ambient environment, which is also a great sensor for measuring air pollution by construction sites.

prana air pm2.5 ambient air quality monitor

Air Quality Monitor

We have air quality monitors measuring particulate matters PM10, PM2.5 air pollution by construction sites in an ambient environment as per the Government’s guidelines.

construction pollution pm2.5 data storage dashboard

Cloud Data Storage+ Dashboard

Prana Air with AQI also provides cloud data storage+ and web dashboards. The air quality data from the sensor or monitor can easily be stored and accessed from the AQI server. The users can remotely access the data in real-time from web and mobile or tv applications. The web dashboard is designed with very insightful charts & graphs, comparisons, reports, and more features. We also provide APIs to send the data to the DPCC, HSPCB (Haryana State Pollution Control Board), UPPCB (Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board)

aqi live stream camera

Video Live Stream Camera

Prana Air’s live streaming video camera can be installed at the construction sites with GSM Sim or LAN cable connectivity and its video footage can be accessed remotely from anywhere with real-time air quality measuring of air pollution by construction sites. 

How Prana Air Particulate PM Monitor Will Help Construction Sites!

– Low-cost air quality particulate pm10 pm2.5 sensor
– Highly accurate data as compared to the highly expensive device
– Analyse the insightful data with graphical representations
– Download reports of the air quality monitor offline anytime
– Access the real-time & historic data from the AQI web dashboard or mobile app
– API is available to send the data to the service of DPCC, Delhi, or any platform.
– Live-streaming camera for the construction site is also available.

AQI Cloud Data Storage & Remote Accessible Dashboard

Insightful dashboard of real-time & historic data with meaningful charts and graphs, data comparisons, QR code, reports & many more features

aqi cloud data storage accessibility process for construction pollution
air quality monitor dashboard for construction pollution
aqi cloud data storage & live streaming video for construction pollution

Technical Specifications of PM Monitor

Parameters : PM1, PM2.5, PM10
PM1/2.5/10 Range : 0 – 2000 µg/m3 (PM)
Resolution 1 µg/m3
Connectivity Mode : GSM SIM & RS-485
Data Accessibility : AQI mobile & smart TV app, and web-dashboard
Sensor Type :  90 degree light scattering laser sensor
Accuracy Level : 0-150 µg/m3 -/+ 10% and 150 µg/m3 and above -/+ 15%
Product Warranty : 1-year manufacturing defects
Battery Capacity : 2000 mAh rechargeable 3.7V Li-ion cell
Charger : Micro USB cable
Data Storage : On-board micro-SD card & AQI Cloud Server


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