Major Air Pollutants

Hotel and inn guests come from various geographical places. As a result, these visitors bring a range of air pollutants with them, which contaminate the air within hotels. In addition to this, the air is further contaminated by emissions from tools and other hotel-related utilities, making it more dangerous to breathe.

pm2.5 in cinema hall


Hotel boilers that run on coal emit a lot of dust particles. Breathing these particles can cause cardiorespiratory issues.

 co2 in cinema hall and theatre


Guests occupancy is very high during the holiday season in the hotels.

CO icon


Various utilities such as fireplaces and diesel exhausts emit gases such as carbon monoxide.

tvoc in cinema hall


The air fresheners and cleaning agents. Paints, carpets, and furniture can emit TVOC as well.

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Hustle and bustle in hotels are quite normal. This sometimes creates disturbance for guests.

  • pm2.5 icon


    Carpet and clothing fibers,
    degradation of buildings

  • co2 icon


    or breathing

  • hcho icon


    Air fresheners,
    wood preservatives

  • tvoc icon


    Paints, carpets,

Who are at Risk?

The occupancy of hotels is one of the major reasons for bad air quality inside hotels. People with underlying
health issues, old age groups, children, and sensitive groups are at risk when exposed to air pollution.
Even healthy adults can feel sick due to exposure to bad air quality.

person with respiratory illness in hotel

Underlying Health Issues

Guests with underlying illnesses like breathing issues are seriously impacted when exposed to air pollution.

hotel chef

Kitchen Staff

There are many sources of emissions in a kitchen scenario. The kitchen staff is most affected by pollutants like CO in the kitchen.

hotel staff

Hotel Staff

Unattentiveness, loss of coordination, higher absenteeism, and being more prone to illnesses caused due to bad air exposure.

hotel guests


When healthy individuals are exposed to bad air quality, they can feel uneasy and possibly can get sick.

Air quality Solutions

Prana Air air quality monitoring and purification solutions are suited for hotel rooms and large lobby areas. They empower you to understand the air quality you breathe and what you can do to clean the air for your guests’ comfort and to create an air pollution-free zone, as well as view and analyze the IAQ of different floors of your hotel.

Data Freemium Services

You can examine data on LCD screens or in the app for additional analysis with the help of our customized dashboard.
To know the AQI for your current location, simply scan the QR code.

aqi tv app dashboard for hotels

TV Dashboard App

aqi customized dashboard app for hotel businesses

Customised App for Schools

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QR Code Scan

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scan air quality qr code

The Effects of Air Pollution –On Hotel Business

When guests are exposed to bad air quality, it affects their health, and therefore their overall experience while staying at your hotel.

With Clean Air

  • Improved ventilation
  • Guests – good comfort score
  • Enhanced experience
  • Healthy air quality


Without Clean Air

  • Low ventilation score
  • Less guest comfort
  • Bad experience
  • Unhealthy air quality

Frequently Asked Questions

About Air Quality Solution for Hotel Businesses
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– Your health could be harmed by increased CO2 exposure. Health effects like nausea, vertigo, exhaustion, difficulty breathing, and perspiration can be evident in public spaces like hotel lobbies and reception areas. Transmission of chronic illnesses like the flu and the common cold is fairly common.

– Many pollutants can be present inside hotel rooms and lobbies. CO2 is one of the main pollutants followed by microbial pollution, CO, TVOC, and noise.

– To know the nature of pollutants and by how much are they present in hotels so that necessary actions can be taken.

– Prana Air Monitors are WiFi enabled so you don’t need to set up a wire framework to extract and display the data. Simply connect the monitor to the dashboard through WiFi connectivity and view the real-time data on your screens.

– Yes, you can monitor the temperature, noise, and humidity in an area.

– Customizable dashboard, 24*7 remote access to the data, get health tips, real-time and historical data analysis, QR code to scan and know the real-time AQI of that area, and many more.

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