Major Air Pollutants

Fitness centers and gym areas are enclosed, high-density spaces where fresh air is extremely necessary. Occupancy, panting athletes, and ventilation rates are two factors that affect the air quality indoors. Due to this, the transmission of airborne diseases and pathogens is very easy. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the air quality and take proper measures to avoid bad air quality scenarios.

pm2.5 level in fitness center and gym


Microscopic breathable dust and liquid particles that enter deep into our lungs.

high co2 level in fitness center like gym


The breathing rate of athletes is high in gyms which directly influences the CO2 levels.

tvoc in fitness center and gym


Gym equipment and cleaning agents are some of the potential sources.

Microbial Pollutants in fitness center and gyms

Microbial Pollutants

Flu, cough, cold, etc. are caused when exposed to microbial pollutants.

Odor in fitness center and gyms


When sweat and bacteria are exposed to gym fabric, produces a bad odor.

noise in fitness center like gym


Loud noise due to huge no. of people gathering

  • pm2.5 icon


    They have the ability to enter the
    bloodstream & can cause various diseases.

  • co2 icon


    Excess CO2 can cause perspiration,
    fatigue, suffocation, convulsions

  • noise icon


    Excessive noise can result in headaches
    & high blood pressure.

  • microbes in fitness center


    Flu, cough, cold, etc. are
    caused when exposed to microbial pollutants.

  • odor problem in fitness center


    When sweat and bacteria are exposed
    to gym fabric, produces a bad odor.

  • tvoc icon


    Headaches, and irritation in
    the eyes, nose, and throat

Who are at Risk?

People experience stuffiness in the air as the breathing rate goes up while exercising.
That means people inhale more oxygen and release more O2 than the normal rate.

Personal Trainer in fitness center

Personal Trainer

Unattentiveness, a high chance of acquiring respiratory illnesses, and loss of coordination.

Service Technician in fitness center

Service Technician

Loss of coordination, unattentiveness, etc. are very common if exposed to bad air quality.

Front desk staff in fitness center & gym

Front desk staff

Bad air quality will affect every individual present in the same scenario, including the desk staff.

members in fitness center & gym


Nausea, uneasiness, headaches, and breathlessness are some of the side effects of exposure.

Air quality Solutions

Prana Air air quality monitoring and purifying solutions give you the power to know what your customers and staff breathe and what you could do to clean the air to make your fitness centers and gyms ‘Air pollution-free zone’ and view and analyze your IAQ.

1st air quality monitoring  Air Quality Monitoring (with Wi-Fi or GSM)

Prana Air provides the smart indoor air quality monitors WiFi & GSM connectivity.

Data Freemium Services

The data can be displayed or analyzed on the LCD screens or the app via our customized dashboard.
Scan the QR to know the AQI of the area you are in.

aqi tv app dashboard for fitness center & gym

TV Dashboard App

aqi customized dashboard app for fitness center & gym

Customized App for Fitness Center

aqi monitor data qr code scan for airport

QR Code Scan

The Effects of Air Pollution –In Fitness Center

When gym members are exposed to poor air quality, they feel unwell, and headaches and
nausea are common symptoms of air pollution exposure.

With Clean Air

  • Improve ventilation
  • Improve the health of the members
  • Increase the activeness of the members
  • Decrease absenteeism


Without Clean Air

  • Decrease members’ willingness
  • Less comfort
  • Bad odor and mold
  • Members may get sick

Frequently Asked Questions

About Air Quality Solution for Fitness Centers – Gym
Have questions? We’re here to help.

– Many pollutants can be present inside a typical gym area setting. CO2, TVOC, and dust particles are the main pollutants followed by noise, CO, airborne pathogens, temperature, etc.

– Physical discomforts like headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. among gym goers and staff.

– Ventilation rate, noise, comfort level, mold score, organic aerosols, etc. are some of the criteria.

To know the nature of pollutants and by how much are they present in a gym so that necessary actions can be taken.

– Prana Air Monitors are WiFi enabled so you don’t need to set up a wire framework to extract and display the data. Simply connect the monitor to the dashboard through WiFi connectivity and view the real-time data on your screens.

– Yes, you can monitor the temperature, noise, and humidity in an area.

– Customizable dashboard, 24*7 remote access to the data, get health tips, real-time and historical data analysis, QR code to scan and know the real-time AQI of that area, and many more.

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