Air Quality Data On Smart Phone

AQI sources the data from our own ground network in conjunction with satellite sources and government database. We put together the data for storage in our server and push out real time readings to the general public. Our current database includes parameters like Temperature, Humidity, Fire and Air Quality [AQI (Air Quality index), PM2.5, PM10, Toxic gases].

Air Quality Parameters For Smart Phones

air pollutants
air quality index data

Air Quality Data

We receive information from our air quality monitors installed in US, Europe and India. These devices are manufactured by our company. And there are around 500 of them in India. Moreover we are also receiving information from government databases of different countries. Further we are looking forward to add data from satellites sources as well.

vapour water data

Water Vapour Data

Well, because water vapor is everywhere, and it moves along with the wind, forecasters most often use water vapor imagery to visualize upper-level circulations in the absence of clouds. In other words, water vapor can act like a tracer of air movement, much like smoke from an extinguished candle.

fire data

Fire Data

We have fire data available with us from different sources. This helps to forecast air quality in the coming days or weeks. This data is helpful to accumulate information about the source of firebases on location (Forest, City Garbage landfills), Season (Crop burning during harvesting) and other external factors.

pollen data

Pollen Data

We have data available for pollen count. Pollens are fine powder that comes from the stamen of flowering plants. They can trigger allergic reactions, such as runny nose, sore throat, coughing, headaches and asthma. Pollen is a major parameter in air quality in countries.

weather data

Weather Data

We have our Air quality monitors installed in Europe, US, and India. Along with these monitors, we have installed meteorological monitors for weather data like wind speed, wind direction and rainfall. This data will be included in the upcoming website scheduled to be launched by Q2 of current financial year.

soil data

Soil Data

Soil data has been left out from the consideration since it serves no purpose to the general public. However it is crucial in determining new and improved methods of farming. This can result in a positive agriculture growth.

Future Data Services By AQI

Here are some of the main services we would like to offer in neary buy.

future services by aqi data

Upcoming Data

vegetation data

A Vegetation Index (VI) is a spectral transformation of two or more bands designed to enhance the contribution of vegetation properties & allow reliable spatial and temporal inter-comparisons of terrestrial photosynthetic activity & canopy structural variations. We receive vegetation data like – Landsat TM and ETM+, SPOT, MODIS, AVHRR, IKONOS, QuickBird.

water data

Observation of surface water is a functional requirement for studying ecological and hydrological processes. Recent advances in satellite‐based optical remote sensors have promoted the field of sensing surface water to a new era. Surface water refers to water on the surface of the Earth, such as a river, lake, wetland, and the ocean.

electricity data

The goal of earthquake prediction is to give warning of potentially damaging earthquakes early enough to allow appropriate response to the disaster, enabling people to minimize loss of life and property. This research includes field and satellite data of earthquake mechanisms and fault zones.

earthquake data

Earthquake Data The goal of earthquake prediction is to give warning of potentially damaging earthquakes early enough to allow appropriate response to the disaster, enabling people to minimize loss of life and property. This research includes field and satellite data of earthquake mechanisms and fault zones.

solar data

Solar radiation measurements are necessary in the assessment of potential solar energy resources. An accurate knowledge of the global solar radiation and its direct and diffuse components at the ground is very important for the design of solar power systems as well as for climatological and agricultural issues.

natural event data

Natural disasters are extreme events within the earth’s system that result in death or injury to humans, and damage or loss of valuable goods, such as buildings, communication systems, agricultural land, forest, natural environment etc. For the management of natural disasters a large amount of multi -temporal spatial data is required.

How Our Smart Computers Calculate The Intense Data For You

Different data sets come from different sources (satellites, Our own ground station, etc.). Then we store this data on our server and through Artificial Intelligence, we remove the incorrect details and predict data for which the information is not available. Then we combine the data and push it on our AQI website.

air quality data storage method

Air Quality Data Management System

We receive inputs from different sources and store the data in servers and push it on our platform.

aqi data management system

How Can This Set of Data Help Smart Phone Makers?

Smartphone makers have an exceptional network in the consumer market both rural and urban. Considering the current situation of bad air quality and climate change. This data set is the need of this hour to increase awareness in the general public. The natural cycle is disrupted if we look at the unexpected droughts and heavy rainfall in the country. In this context, AQI India and smartphone manufacturers can join hands to provide this useful information for the benefits of the people. The knowledge sharing will enable individual to make timely decisions and be prepared for unanticipated or abrupt events. Any change in the air quality (PM2.5 increase, Pollen counts increase and high fire radiations) can alarm the smart phone owner to take necessary precautions.

The set of data will be useful for different user groups around the world.

different data for different users
User group for Soil, Vegetation, Weather data

Media, Farmers, Agriculturists, Agriculture industries like FMCG sector

User group for air quality data

Media, Educational Institutes, Central & State pollution control board, Industries like (Small, Medium and large scale), General Public

User group for pollen data

Palynologist, General Public Central & State Pollution Control Board, Severe respiratory illness condition, Medical Research

User group for Natural Event Data

Geologists, General Public Post Event Studies, Police for Early arrangements, Hospitals, Disaster Management Teams, Coast Guards etc.

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    We are the proud collaborator with some of the reputed names of different industries.

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    Industry Applications

    Air Quality Monitoring in Airport

    The major problem at airports for air quality is emissions from aircrafts and high number of occupants. There are many departments at airports which contribute to air quality such as sanitation, sewage treatment plants, parking garages, aircraft operations etc.

    Air Quality Monitoring For Real Estate

    Air quality around can have negative as well as positive impacts on residents. Poor AQI causes suffocation, asthma, eyes, nose & throat irritations, etc. To promote well-being of residents, monitoring of air quality is beneficial.

    Air Quality Data on Air Conditioner

    The major pollutant in rooms with air conditioners is CO2 as all the doors and windows are closed with moderate occupancy. Monitoring can help them in adopting some preventive measure to improve indoor air quality and reduce negative health impacts.

    Air Quality Monitoring in Hotels

    It is very crucial to monitor air quality in hotels because it directly impacts the experience of guests and occupants. Suffocation, bad odor, breathing difficulties, etc., are all signs of bad air quality in hotels.