Major Air Pollutants

Restaurants emit the greatest mean value of indoor air pollutants and are one of the major reasons for ambient pollution.
That makes it extremely important to monitor the air quality inside and outside restaurants.

pm2.5 in restaurant


Ultra-fine breathable dust & liquid particles that enter deep into our lungs and cause many diseases.

co in restaurant


Cooking methods like barbequing, grilling and charbroiling emit CO inside & outside the restaurants.

co2 gas in restaurant


At times, especially when there is a higher client occupancy, CO2 levels surpass the desired CO2 limitations.

tvoc in restaurant


Emissions from urban cooking and its various methodologies, aerosol sprays are some of the potential sources.

no2 in restaurant


Gas stoves used in restaurant kitchens are a major source of indoor NO2 combustion of fuel.

noise in restaurant


Restaurants are busy and many restaurants play high music that can be irritating for some customers.

  • pm2.5 icon


    Ultra-fine breathable dust
    and liquid particles

  • co2 icon


    When customer occupancy is more,
    the desired CO2 limits exceed.

  • noise icon


    Playing high music that can be
    irritating for some customers.

  • no2 icon


    Gas stoves used in restaurant
    kitchens are a major source.

  • co icon


    Various cooking methods like barbequing,
    grilling and charbroiling emit CO

  • tvoc icon


    Cooking fumes, and aerosol sprays are
    some of the potential sources.

Who are at Risk?

Different people from different age groups can be present in a restaurant. But certain groups
are significantly impacted as compared to healthy adults.

respiratory illness people in restaurant

Respiratory Illness

Customers and staff with respiratory illnesses already have a weaker respiratory system.

staff of a restaurant


Unattentiveness, a high chance of acquiring respiratory illnesses, and loss of coordination can be seen in the staff.

chef of a restaurant


Children have developing organs. When exposed, the growing tissue and cell growth are hampered.

a customer of a restaurant


Uneasiness, headaches, respiratory irritation, and nausea are some of the side effects of exposure.

Air quality Solutions for Restaurant

Prana Air’s air quality monitoring and air purifying solutions give you the power to know what your customers and staff breathe
and what you could do to clean the air to make your restaurant an ‘Air pollution-free zone’ and view and analyze your IAQ.

Data Freemium Services

The data can be displayed or analyzed on the LCD screens or the app via our customized dashboard.
Scan the QR to know the AQI of the restaurant.

aqi tv app dashboard for restaurants

TV Dashboard App

aqi customized dashboard app for a restaurant

Customised App for Restaurant

aqi monitor data qr code scan in a restaurant

QR Code Scan

The Effects of Air Pollution – In A Restaurant

When customers are exposed to poor air quality, they feel dizzy and unwell, and
headaches are a common symptom of air pollution exposure.

With Clean Air

  • Improved ventilation
  • Good comfort level
  • Improved air filtration


Without Clean Air

  • Low ventilation score
  • Less comfort
  • Reduced Filtration score

Frequently Asked Questions

About Air Quality Solution for Restaurant & Cafe
Have questions? We’re here to help.

Many pollutants can be present inside a typical restaurant or diner. CO2 and CO are the main pollutants followed by PM2.5, NO2, TVOCs, SO2, Noise, etc.

– Prana Air Monitors are WiFi enabled so you don’t need to set up a wire framework to extract and display the data. Simply connect the monitor to the dashboard through WiFi connectivity and view the real-time data on your screens.

– Physical discomforts like headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. among customers and staff.

– Yes, you can monitor the temperature, noise, and humidity in an area.

– Ventilation rate, noise, comfort level, mold score, organic aerosols, etc. are some of the criteria.

– To know the nature of pollutants and by how much are they present in a restaurant so that necessary actions can be taken.

– Customizable dashboard, 24*7 remote access to the data, get health tips, real-time and historical data analysis, QR code to scan and know the real-time AQI of that area, and many more.

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