2nd Gen Mask Filter

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Prana Air 2nd Gen Mask Filter is a multi-layer filter which has 1 pre-filter, 2 HEPA filters and 2 carbon filters. It can easily filter the particulate matters like PM2.5 and PM10, the dust. Two layers of activated carbon eliminates toxic gases and oil also.

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Second Generation N95 Pollution Mask Filter has 3 different kinds of filters in the mask planted with 5 layers. There is a pre-filter which stops the big particles of the dust. The mask also features 2 layers of activated carbon eliminating toxic gas and 2 layers of HEPA filter stopping dust particles up to PM1.

Being exposed to outdoor air pollution for a long time can cause harmful health effects. To save yourself from the adverse effects of the rising pollution level in your city, we recommend to wear anti-pollution at all times.




prana air multi layers filter of n95 mask


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