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Room Air Purifier Filter

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Air Purifier FilterAutomatically cleans your room with 99.99% efficiency, capturing fine dust particles:
  • 3 Layers Prana Air purifier filter
  • It captures large particles such as dust, hair, pet dander.
  • Efficiency up to 99.05%.
  • With the help of the HEPA filter, the purifier removes harmful bacteria, viruses and other small particles such as allergens, mold.
  • The filter layer is made of small pieces of carbon that allow the chemical reaction between the activated carbon and organic compounds in the air – making them stick to the filter.
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Prana Air Purifier Filter

Fine dust particles are usually not visible to our naked eyes. Since, pollutants build up indoors faster than we can imagine, installing an air purifier in your room is an absolute necessity. Prana Air Purifier has an efficient filtration system that sucks your indoor air through a series of filters. These filters are HEPA filter that has the ability to trap minuscule air particle as small as 0.3 microns.




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