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What is Carbon Dioxide (CO2)?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a transparent gas and natural component of air, that acts as a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. It is generally harmless in small quantities but can affect severely as the quantities rise, especially indoors where ventilation is low and indoor air cannot recirculate. Hence, it can impact sleep patterns, productivity, concentration levels, etc.

How is it important in the environment?

CO2 helps plants in the process of photosynthesis, a process through which plants make their food. Many animals and humans both depend on plants for their survival. Therefore photosynthesis is important for the survival of plants, animals, and humans.

CO2 helps in trapping the heat and energy from the sun within the earth’s atmosphere. Because this helps in preventing the temperature from getting inhospitably cold and oceans from freezing into solid.


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What do indoor Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels say?

CO2 is commonly measured in PPM (Parts Per Million). ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) recommended that carbon dioxide levels indoors should be maintained below 1000 ppm.

Good – 300-600

Moderate – 601-800

Poor – 801-1000

Unhealthy – 1001-1200

Severe – 1201-1500

Hazardous – Above 1051

Where does Carbon Dioxide (CO2) come from indoors?


The main source of CO2 indoors is respiration. Because as we inhale oxygen and release CO2. In the modern age, homes are becoming more airtight, ventilation does not happen that frequently and fresh air cannot enter indoors. Many ventilation systems that are used nowadays recirculate the air indoors rather than bringing less CO2 contaminated air from outdoors. As a result, the same air is recirculating and recirculating. Hence, this increases the carbon dioxide contamination indoors.

sources of indoor Carbon Dioxide (CO2) level

Health Effects

High levels of CO2 are responsible for

low productivity due to high Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
1. Lower productivity

High CO2 affects concentration and
attention and in turn productivity.

disturbing sleep due to high Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
2. Disturbed sleep

When limits exceed, one can have
difficulty in their sleeping patterns as well.

 4. Increased blood pressure and heart rate
3. Increased blood pressure
& heart rate

High CO2 levels can trigger high BP
problems due to the vasodilating effect.

headache due to high Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
4. Headache

CO2 levels highly influence cerebral blood
flow, which can cause headache problems.

restlessness due to high Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
5. Restlessness

Disorders such as hypercapnia can
happen when CO2 levels are high.

diziness due to high Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
6. Dizziness

At high levels, CO2 is known to cause
dizziness, vertigo, and other symptoms.

How to achieve the ideal Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels indoors?

10 tips to reduce carbon dioxide levels indoors:


1. Ventilation makes it easy for the flow of air. Besides, it is the
and most economical way of reducing CO2.

2. Filtration – Air filters with activated carbon filters
will help reduce the CO2 concentration indoors.

use air filtration to reduce co2 level
plant trees

3. Plants – Indoor plants such as Snake Plant, Aloe vera,
and money plant are known as the natural air filters.

4. Decreasing the number of people in a room
also helps in reducing CO2 concentrations.

co2 level indoor
co2 meter

5. Use an air quality monitor – This will help in tracking
and keeping a check on the CO2 levels indoors.

6. Control CO2 emissions – The usage of gas-powered
heaters, coal burning, etc. must be controlled.

control co2 emissions
stop smoking

7. Avoid smoking indoors as smoking contributes
to the overall CO2 concentrations indoors.

8. Air purification – It does not help in reducing the CO2
levels but filtered air is better than unfiltered air.

use air purifier
stop open fire

9. Open flames must be limited as CO2 is the primary
pollutant emitted by an open fire, such as fireplaces.

10. Keep a check on fuel leaks – CO2 is released
when fuels are burned improperly.

check fuel leaks

How to Measure CO2 level?

Prana Air CO2 monitor has an embedded sensor that is a Non-Dispersive InfraRed (NDIR) sensor with 1 PPM resolution and a 10,000 PPM range. With an LCD screen and multiple data displays, monitor the carbon dioxide levels indoors as well as outdoors.


good co2 level with pocket monitor

Choose Your Air Quality Monitor To Measure CO2

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