Salient Features

Quadcopter Drone Capabilities

Cutting-Edge Technology for Precise and Actionable Insights

  • wide coverage area icon
  • Wide Coverage Area

    Comprehensive Air Quality
    Data Across Regions

  • enviromental mapping icon
  • Environmental Mapping

    Detailed Maps for
    Targeted Interventions

  • high resolution sensors icon
  • High-Resolution Sensors

    Monitoring Air Quality with Unmatched Precision

  • 4k video camera icon
  • 4K Video Camera

    Stay Connected with Air
    Quality Insights On-the-Go

  • real time data analysis icon
  • Real-time Data Analysis

    Instant Insights for Informed Decision-Making

  • handy remote controller icon
  • Handy Remote Controller

    Handy Remote Control
    for Precise Maneuverability

Durable Paddle Blades

prana air drone high resolution camera

High Resolution Camera

prana air drone long battery capacity

Long Battery Capacity

Precision Air Quality Monitoring with

Highly Accurate Sensors

Our air quality monitoring drone excels in accurately capturing different air quality parameters. Multiple parameter monitoring capability makes our drone versatile for most air quality monitoring applications.

  • SO2

  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • NO2

  • Particulate Matter
  • PM

  • Ammonia
  • NH3

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • CO

  • humidity and temp
  • Temp. & Humid.

  • ozone icon
  • O3

Parameters Included

Air Quality Drone Setup

effortless drone control icon

Effortless Drone Control

Take Command with Remote Controllers

Experience seamless control and precision navigation as you effortlessly maneuver the air quality monitoring drone using advanced remote controllers. Stay in complete command while collecting valuable data and capturing visual insights from the comfort of your fingertips.


live video streaming

Live Video Footage

data storage icon

Data Storage

data export icon

Data Export

live video streaming

Good Connectivity Range

Air Quality Insights at Your Fingertips

Empower Yourself with Immediate Air Quality Insights on Your Remote Controller, Taking Charge of Environmental Health Monitoring and Improvement Efforts

Comprehensive Dashboard Insights

Complete Insights to Drive Informed Decision-making and Achieve Comprehensive Analysis for Optimal Air Quality Results for different parameters.

air pollution heat map

Air Pollution Heat-Map

Visualize air pollution density with heat-maps.

multiple parameters

Multiple Parameters

Monitoring multiple Air Quality parameters.

What you will get

Receive a complete package including a drone, remote controller, and dedicated technical support for a seamless experience.

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  • Air Quality


  • drone controller image
  • Drone


  • technical support
  • Technical


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Air Quality Drones

It offers mobility, real-time data, comprehensive coverage, versatility, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and visual insights.

Prana Air’s Drones & Existing air quality

Monitoring Systems

Compare the features of Prana Air’s air quality drone with existing air quality monitoring systems. Discover how our advanced drone technology offers enhanced capabilities for comprehensive and efficient air quality monitoring.

  • air quality drone image
  • Prana Air’s Air Quality


  • Mobility for flexible data collection
  • Real-time monitoring and immediate insights
  • High-resolution spatial mapping capabilities
  • Access to hard-to-reach or remote areas
  • Rapid response and quick deployment
  • air quality monitoring stations
  • Existing Air Quality


  • Established and proven reliability
  • Long-standing data collection methods
  • Established regulatory compliance and standards
  • Continuous and uninterrupted data recording
  • Historical data for long-term analysis

Highly Accurate Data

Transforming Industrial Air Quality Monitoring

aerial monitoring drones

Step-by-Step Guide:
How to Use Air quality Drone

Informative video tutorial showcasing step-by-step instructions to ensure accurate data collection and gain valuable
insights for informed environmental decisions.

Application of Prana Air

Air Quality Drone

Our air quality monitoring drone excels in accurately capturing different air quality parameters. Multiple parameter monitoring capability makes our drone versatile for most air quality monitoring applications.


Technical Specifications

Product Name :

Air Quality Drone

Sensor :

PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2, CO, O3, NH3, Temp & Humidity


FPV Camera

Video Resolution :

Upto 4K

Blowing continuity test :

35 Sec

Battery Endurance :

25 min (LiPO 12S)

Cruise Speed:

6 m/s

Max Speed :

10 m/s

Operational Altitude (AGL) :


Working Range :

2 km

Wind Resistance :

12 m/s

Propulsion Type :


Motors :

4 – Brushless DC motor

Propeller :

Carbon Fiber

Maximum Take Off Weight :


Maximum Payload :

Up to 2.5 k

Operating Temp. :

-10 °C to +55°C

Dimension Extended :

1400*1300*450 MM

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Prana Air’s air quality drone is an advanced unmanned aerial vehicle specifically designed for monitoring and assessing air quality parameters in real-time.

It can measure various air quality parameters, including PM2.5, PM10, carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), ozone (O3), temperature, and humidity.

The drone is equipped with high-precision sensors that measure the concentrations of different pollutants in the air. These sensors provide accurate and real-time data readings during the drone’s flight.

Yes, Prana Air drone is equipped with a high-resolution camera that can capture visual images and videos of the monitored areas. This visual documentation complements the air quality data, aiding in analysis and source identification.

Prana Air drone provides real-time air quality data, enabling prompt identification of pollution sources and hotspots. This information can aid in implementing targeted pollution control measures and developing effective air pollution management strategies.

Yes, the drone is suitable for monitoring air quality in urban areas. Its mobility and ability to cover large areas efficiently make it an effective tool for assessing air pollution levels in cities.

Yes, it is suitable for research and scientific studies related to air quality monitoring. Its ability to collect accurate and real-time data makes it valuable for scientific research, environmental studies, and data-driven investigations into air pollution and its impacts.

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