What Makes Rental the Best Option?

Obtain your company’s real-time air quality statistics without any ownership hassles.
Remotely access and evaluate the data.

low cost device

Minimal Price

The product is not required for purchase. Pay as specified in your rental agreement.

easy procedure

Simple Procedure

A quick and simple method for configuring the gadgets

no maintenance cost

No Upkeep Expense

No high maintenance expenses to pay. We’ve got you covered.

data accurate reports

Precise Reports

Using our dashboard, get accurate and dependable reports on air quality.

Prana Air SQUAIR Monitor

With Prana Air, you can now rent the ability to know the levels of TVOCs, temperature,
Humidity, and PM2.5, among other pollution characteristics!

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Remote Data Accessibility
Anytime Anywhere

Remote access and analysis of the data are possible. Just use the AQI mobile app to access the data after connecting the device to WiFi.


Features of the AQI Mobile App:

okay icon  Accessible data remotely

okay icon  Updates to data in real-time

okay icon  Analytics using historical data

okay icon   Graphical representations

Rental Process

To obtain our rental service, the process is quite simple and quick.
To use the service, simply follow these 5 steps.

payment received icon

Payment Received

1. An order is placed and payment is received.

shipment icon


2. The products are shipped & delivered to your doorstep.

product setup icon

Product Setup

3. The device is set up and is ready to use.

support icon


4. For any technical issues, the support is provided.

product return icon

Return Product

5. The products have to be returned after the rental period.

step 1st payment received
step 2nd product delivery
step 3rd product usage
step 4th product return

Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions that apply to Prana Air rental services.


  Ten units or more must be rented for a minimum of twelve months.

  You must pay a rental security amount in advance at the time of ordering.

  Only after the rental time has ended is the security deposit returned.

  You are responsible for covering the cost of any physical damage to the merchandise. The quantity of security will be taken into account.

  Prana Air will offer technical support for any issues pertaining to the product and data accessibility for the duration of the rental.

  The product, technical help for device setup, and cloud server for data accessibility are all included in the rental service.

  The WiFi service is not included in the rental package.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have questions about our rental process?
    We are here to help.

    – Place the device and provide electricity in an indoor location where you wish to keep an eye on the quality of the air. After that, use the AQI mobile app to connect the device to WiFi.

    – The AQI mobile or smart app TV app and web-dashboard provide remote access to the data for analysis and access.

    – For a 12-month period, you must buy a minimum of 10 units.

    – Yes, there is a requirement to pay the full cost upfront along with a refundable deposit.

    – After the rental period ends, the security deposit is returned in full. Should the unit sustain any physical harm, the security value will be reduced accordingly.

    There would be technical support available in the event of any problems. You must first get in touch with the Prana Air support staff.

    – You can quickly and affordably monitor the quality of the air, analyze, and compare your organization’s data, all without having to deal with ownership issues.

    – The service must be used for a minimum of 24 months.

    – Any kind of organization, including schools, office buildings, industries, power plants, industrial zones, shopping centers, and residential buildings, can adopt the leasing model.

    – Indeed, it is possible to utilize it to keep an eye on the indoor air quality of residential structures.

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