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Stay healthy and breathe clean air with Prana Air N95 pollution mask which has a highly advanced hepa filter.

Prana Air Pollution Mask

Product Features:

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    5 Layer Hepa Filters

    Maximum protection from PM2.5, pollen, dust, and smoke

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    3 Modes of Fan Speed

    Control the air volume and circulation with different modes

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    Micro Ventilator

    Acts as a wall between outdoor polluted air and indoor purified air

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    95.99% Efficiency

    Advanced filtration technology to filter polluted air particles

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    Micro USB Charging

    Easily rechargeable battery with a micro USB cable

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Many people think dirt and smoke are the only air pollutants present in the air. However, the real culprit of all is PM2.5. It is a fine particulate matter that is 1/13th of the diameter of a human hair. This pollutant is dangerous as they penetrate deep into your respiratory tract, reaching your lungs and causing you various health trouble.
Once exposed to such fine particles, it can cause short-term health effects such as eyes, nose, throat irritation, which can further become a cause to coughing, sneezing, runny nose, shortness of breath to name a few. Exposed to PM2.5 for a long time can affect the lungs and may also cause asthma and heart disease.

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pollution mask filtration


3 Different Fan Speeds


5 Layer Protection


6-Hours Battery Life


62-78 Grams Lightweight

Our masks come with 5 different filter layers that serve as multiple layers of protection against different air pollutants:

Pre filter


Blocks harmful moisture or vapor

White filter


Filters out pathogens that cause infection

HEPA filter


Main filter layers that provide maximum protection from PM2.5 particles

Activated carbon layer


Absorbs dust, mold spores, smoke, lint and a wide variety of harmful chemicals in the air such as benzene

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Carefully crafted with comfort in mind, Prana Air Anti Pollution Mask gives you maximum protection from dangerous pollutants, such as dust, particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide – usually contained in smoke from vehicle exhausts, factories, bushfires, etc.


PM 2.5


Carbon Monoxide


Sulphur Dioxide





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The best thing with our air mask is that they have a micro-ventilator which eliminates the unpleasant build-up of carbon dioxide, and prevents you from breathing in recycled air. It is easily chargeable with Android chargers or even in your laptop and comes with different fan modes. It is adjustable depending on the pollution level.


Our stylish face anti pollution mask can be worn anywhere. The mask is perfect during sport activities, such as marathons, evening joggings or even a cricket match. Wherever you go, you are covered.

Pollution Mask
prana air mask
air mask
Colors Classic White, Lively Pink and Vibrant Gray
Filter layers 5
HEPA compliant Yes
Purification efficiency upto 95.96%
Fan speed 3 modes
Charging mode USB charging
Charging time 1 to 1.5 hours
Battery duration Upto 6 hours
Battery capacity 580 mAh
Dimensions 110x90x50 (mm)
Weight 78 grams
Voltage 3.7V-5.2V
Noise <28db(A)
Price 3490 INR
Colors White, Pink, Blue
Filter layers 5
HEPA compliant Yes
Purification efficiency >95%
Fan speed 3 modes
Charging mode USB charging
Charging time 1.5 - 2 hours
Battery duration 6 - 8 hours
Battery capacity 1000 mAh
Dimensions 120x110x50 (mm)
Weight 62 grams
Voltage 5V
Noise <28db(A)
Price 3490 INR
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Adult Mask

Junior Mask

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Mask Product Specification

prana air mask parts and accessories
Colors White, Pink, Blue Classic white, Lively pink and Vibrant gray
Filter layers 5 5
HEPA compliant Yes Yes
Purification efficiency >upto 95% upto 95.99%
Fan speed 3 modes 3 modes
Charging mode USB charging USB charging
Charging time 1.5-2 hours 1.5 hours
Battery duration 6 hours - 8 hours upto 6 hours
Battery capacity 1000 mAh 580 mAh
Dimensions 120x110x50 (mm) 110x90x50 (mm)
Weight 62 grams 78 grams
Voltage 5V 3.7V-5.2V
Noise <28db(A) <28db(A)
Price 3490 INR 3490 INR

Don’t wait any longer.
Start protecting yourself

Our pollution masks are made of eco-friendly
plastic, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Air Pollution Mask

Air is a culmination of various types of gaseous bodies each varying in percentage, for example- oxygen is about 21% along with CO2, Nitrogen and other inert gases. There are various factors such as combustion of fossil fuels like coal and oil for transport and electricity, industrial release, burning of plastic, rubber or wood, agricultural waste and various other factors that contribute in the contamination of the air we breathe.

An air pollution mask or face mask offer an effective a way of protecting yourself and your loved ones from the hazardous effects of pollution. They are worn around your nose and mouth to filter out the pollutants before you breathe. There are long term health benefits to wearing an air mask, but it is necessary that the mask fit well.

Buy Best Pollution Mask Online in India

There is a wide range of pollution masks available in the market, which gives you the choice to choose between the right mask depending on its fit and features. You have to choose a mask which fits well, as an ill fitted mask will do you no good.

Buy Air Mask Online at Prana Air

Among the several types of pollution face masks available in the market, each mask has a distinct and unique feature. Buy anti-pollution mask online from Prana Air offers very smart N95 air masks of motorized system with mutl-layers purification, reuseable and replaceable filter.

Types of Pollution Masks

Pollution masks are differentiated according to the ratings given to them, i.e N – Not resistant to oil, R – Resistant to oil pollutants and P – Oilproof.

1. N95 masks – This basic air pollution mask filters 95% of air pollutants. It can filter out most pollutants, even PM2.5. The N95 air mask has a separate passage (or air valves) which lets out the air after exhaling. This not only prevents moisture and fogging under the nose-bridge and eyes but also makes it more comfortable to use. N95 masks are also washable and reusable

2. N99 and N100 masks – Unlike the N95 air masks, these masks have the capacity to filter particles like PM2.5 particles with about 99% to 99.97% efficiency. These masks cannot filter oil-based air pollutants. N100 masks are usually harder to find and not easily available, and you may have to go to an industrial supplier to get one. N100 are washable and reusable, the filters though are not washable and need to be replaced.

The N-series masks do not have a specified service life, we can us it long as the mask is not torn or damaged as it might tamper with its efficiency.

3. P95 and R95 masks – P-rated and R-rated masks are different. The P-rated masks are completely resistant to oil-based pollutants and the R-rated masks are partially resistant to oily particles. These masks come usually expensive compared to the N-series and people use it for industrial purposes.

Some FAQs about pollution mask:

1. Should you be wearing a mask for coronavirus to protect yourself?

Answer: Yes, an N95 pollution mask or respirator may offer more protection than regular surgical masks. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) do not recommend the general public from using this type of a COVID-19 mask, outside of healthcare settings.

2. Which mask does it work perfectly for virus like COVID19?
Answer: The mask which has a very good filter of high quality, fits properly on the face and give enough fresh air inside to breathe will help prevent from viruses.

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