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hydrogen sulfide sensor

Ozone (O3) Sensor:

Prana Air H2S sensors have been created with finesse and precision for consumer and industrial-grade safety monitoring. The sensor comes packed with the cutting edge technology of electrochemical detection of the highly-toxic H2S gas. The ultra-thin, compact, and cost-effective package allows easy-inclusion into all kinds of H2S monitoring and regulatory solutions. Our sensors, with their precision, have the potential to revolutionize the scenario of environmental and health-based monitoring of air toxins. These robust sensors, due to high operational life, find diversified applications in residential, industrial, and commercial instruments.



The sensor’s ultra-thin package and small size enables it to get lodged in any kind of device or instrument. It is suitable for hand-held devices as well as real-time outdoor monitoring.


The highly accurate H2S sensor comes with a long-lasting operational life of up to 10 years. Install it in your instrument once and forget all your sensor-related worries.

Highly Responsive

The average response time of this H2S sensor is 15 seconds making it robust and swift. Hence, it is an apt choice for real-time monitoring.

Energy Efficient

It requires low power input (0 mW at 0 mV bias) to function. Therefore, the overall energy consumption of the device decreases due to this energy-saving sensor.

Individual Calibrated

Individual calibration service procures readings with the highest accuracy for every device the sensor is put in.

RoHS Compliant

Our H2S sensor is synchronous to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) for electrical and electronic equipment.

Technology We Use

What technology is being used in the device

Prana Air H2S sensors work on the principle of the electrochemical gas sensing technique. These sensors are amperometric fuel cells designed to quantify the concentration of a gaseous toxin.

There are three principal components in this type of sensor- a working (sensing) electrode, a counter electrode, and an ion conductor that acts as a bridge between the electrodes. The toxic gas, H2S is detected on the working electrode and gets oxidized with water molecules. This oxidation results in the formation of electrons and protons as by-products.

The directional flow of electrons through the wire creates an electric current that is directly proportional to the concentration of gas. The gas sensor works by measuring this current flow between the two sensors.

prana air h2s sensor

Where is it applicable?

prana air hydrogen sulfide sensor

H2S Sensor Dimension

Prana Air H2S Sensor Dimension

Technical Specification

prana air h2s air quality sensor

Technical Indicators of Sensors

Measurement Range0 to >20 ppm
Lower Detection Limit< 20 ppb (instrumentation dependent)
Resolution< 20 ppb (instrumentation dependent)
Repeatability< +/- 3 % of reading
Response Time< 15 seconds typical
Sensitivity (nA/ppm @ 5ppm)-60 +/- 10 nA/ppm
Expected Operating Life> 5 years (10 years @ 23+/-3C; 40+/-10% RH)
Operating Temperature Range-30 to +50 C (-20 to 40 C recommended)
Operating Humidity Range – non-condensing0 to 100% RH (15 to 95% recommended)
Power Consumption10 to 50 uW (circuit & ambient O3 dependent)

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prana air hydrogen sulfide h2s sensor digital board


H2S sensor for Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Indoor Air Quality

H2S sensor for Outdoor Air quality monitors

Outdoor Air Quality

h2s sensor for fixed Industrial safety

Fixed Industrial Safety

Portable Industrial Safety

H2S sensor for Halitosis Sensing

Halitosis Sensing

H2S sensor for Leakage Detection

Leakage Detection in Sewage
Treatment Plants

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