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Everyone on this planet has the right to breathe clean air, stay healthy. 

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The purpose of owning an air pollution mask and air purifier is making more sense with every passing day. So, owing to the startling rise in the pollution, we are constantly facing the high-risk of developing a respiratory disorder. About 2.5 million people are dying early due to the increase in pollution in India. World Health Organization survey reports air pollution caused over 9 million deaths which are three times deadlier than from AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria combined.

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Artificially intelligent thermal and mask scanning system with in-built cloud storage.

Quick scan – 99.9% Accuracy – Smart Reporting System 

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People don’t realize that the cause of constant headaches, cough & cold and other nagging symptoms often arises from the indoor air pollution. The air that you breathe in your home or office is equally hazardous than the polluted air outside. Prana Air brings you an air purifier and with a cutting-edge technology that curtails the perilous impact of air pollution stalking your indoor living space.


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High level of ozone, toxic gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and other harmful air pollutants has become a great concern for our well-being. 1 out of 5 people in your family is at a high risk of getting affected by such air particles present in the air. Our motorized N95 pollution mask is very first step in leading you towards a fresh, purified air intake.


Air Pollution Causes -
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The initial breathing problem is caused by tobacco smoke that also causes air contamination inside the house. Smoking is connected to respiratory problems.

Family unit paints are loaded with unstable natural mixes, otherwise called VOCs. VOCs can mess wellbeing up insufficiently high focuses, and a new layer of paint may simply work. Ever notice a migraine after painting?

The main source of contamination in air quality comes from vehicle emissions that contribute to deteriorating breathing problems and ruining the environment conditions.

You use them to remain clean and to smell pleasant, yet numerous scent items might be dirtying your air simultaneously.

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Find out what the Air Quality Index (AQI) values tell say about your health issues.

Good: People are no longer exposed to any health risk.

Moderate: Acceptable air quality for a healthy adults but still pose threat to sensitive individual.

Poor: Poor air quality can affect health issues such as difficulty in breathing.

Unhealthy: Toxic air can provoke health difficulties expecially to the young kids and elderly people.

Severe: Breathing polluted AQI may lead to chronic health issues.

Hazardous: AQI exceeding 400 is highly unacceptable to human- can lead to premature death.

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Prana Air brings you the best air quality monitoring system measuring PM1, PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2, O3, NO2, SO2, NH3, etc. to understand the AQI level anytime anywhere.

Established in 2016, Purelogic Labs India is an initiative to increase awareness about air pollution in India. As consciousness about poor air in the society grows people will want to take some action to protect themselves. Under the aegis of Purelogic Labs, two divisions are set up, AQI India & Prana Air……….

Two Divisions

AQI India, an inception of Purelogic Labs India Pvt Ltd stands against the drastic change in climate that has now become a global concern. It provides real-time air quality index (AQI)…

Prana Airunder Purelogic Labs, introduces you highly advanced motorized N95 Masks, car cabin filter, room air purifier, low cost air quality monitors, AI thermal camera………