& Intelligent

IR Thermal Camera

Artificially intelligent body temperature alert & face mask
scanning system

Quick scan – 99.9% Accuracy – Smart Reporting System 

Cross-industry usage and zero human error

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prana air smart ai thermal camera

99.9% Accuracy

High accuracy scan results with customisable alerts.

Quick Scan

Get accurate scan results from 3 meters in under 0.5 Secs.

Zero Human Error

Quad-core Cortex-A17 1.8GHz chipset makes no mistakes.

State Of The Art Technology

Features of Prana Air Smart AI Thermal Camera


Temperature reading

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Camera light

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8.1 OS

High quality

Aluminium casing

No more long queue for temprature scanning.

Scan on the go from a distance of upto 3 metres under 0.5 seconds with a accuracy rate of 99.9%.

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Temprature and Mask Alert

  • Create customised alerts for body temperature and mask, with greater accuracy and without involving a manual labour.
  • The machine works for you 24×7 with the same amazing accuracy so you can do other important work.
  • Generate reports of scan on daily, weekly and monthly basis to analyse the scanning results.

prana air ai thermal camera scanning alert


Cross Industry Applications

Thermal camera Face Recognition Machine at Metro

Body Temperature Alert

thermal camera Face Recognition Machine at Airport

Face Mask Scanning

Airport Check-Ins

Technical Specifications

smart ai thermal camera
prana air smart ai body temperature scanning camera
smart ai thermal camera backview
smart ai thermal camera sideview
ai thermal camera data dashboard
  • Hardware
  • Software
                                                                               Hardware Specifications
Display 7-inch TFT screen, resolution 1280*800
CPU Rockchip RK3288/3399 Quad-core Cortex-A17 1.8GHz
Memory and Storage DDR3 2GB EMMC 8GB/ DDR3 4GB EMMC 16GB
Camera Front 2 million HD camera, maximum resolution: 1920*1080
Power supply DC 12V 20W
Communications and Interfaces Supports RJ45 Gigabit Networking, wi-fi and Bluetooth, USB 2.0
Access interface 1 set of relay dry junction signal
Shell Material Pure aluminum alloy, silver
Water proof grade IP66

Software Specifications

Face detection rate More than 99.9% (distance 0.5 – 3 meters)
Face recognition rate Greater than 99.7% (distance 0.3-2 m, front face < 20 degrees, stable light)
Recognition speed Turn on living body detection <=1s turn off living body detection 0.5s
Face database capacity Cloud Online, 80W Face Count, Offline Local 10000 Face Count
Operating system Android 8.1

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