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Adult-Kid Pollution Masklogo

The best N95 anti-pollution mask for children to keep maximum protection to them from
breathing dangerous polluted air particles

  • mask hepa filter layers

    5 Layer Hepa Filter

  • filter efficiency rate

    95.99% Efficiency

  • mask fan

    3 Different Fan Speeds

prana air junior pollution mask
  • mask micro ventilation

    Two Micro-Ventilators

  • micro usb charger

    USB Cable Charging

  • mask battery life

    8 Hours Long Battery Life

prana air 5 layers hepa filter

5 Layer HEPA Filter

Grade 11 HEPA filters pollen, smoke, and fine dust particles as small as PM 2.5

prana air mask filter efficiency

95.99% Efficiency

Advanced filtration technology enables our air mask for anti-polluion to capture 95.99% polluted air particles.

prana air mask fan speeds

3 Different Fan Speed

The air volume can be adjusted as per the child’s physical activity, e.g., outdoor sports activity, commuting to and from school, etc.

junior mask micro ventilators

2 Micro Ventilators

Allows kids to breathe fresh purified air from one side and breathe out the carbon dioxide from the other side.

micro usb charger

USB Charging

Comes with micro-USB charging cable that allows the mask function within 1.5 to 2 hours.

Battery Efficiency

Runs on a 5-V lithium battery with an average of 8 hours long battery life daily.

Unboxing of Adult-Kid Pollution Mask

 – Children can wear it at school or during any outdoor activity 

 – No more worrying about catching airborne health issues 

 – Suitable for children aged between 5 and 15 years 

Product Details

Colors White, Pink, Blue
Filter layers 5
HEPA compliant Yes
Purification efficiency >95.99%
Fan speed 3 modes
Charging mode USB charging
Charging time 1.5-2 hours
Battery duration 3 hours - 4 hours
Battery capacity 1000 mAh
Dimensions 120x110x50 (mm)
Weight 62 grams
Voltage 3.7V
Noise <28db(A)
Price 3490 INR

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Does your kid often complain about headaches? Is he/she suffering from cough and cold every now and then?

If yes, Air Pollution could possibly be the reason.

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Adult-Kid Pollution Masklogo

Don’t wait any longer.
Start protecting yourself and your
Children today.

Our purification masks are Specially designed for
Your kid & are made of eco-friendly plastic, lightweight,
Stylish and comfortable to wear.