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Would you use a washroom that is stinking? Wouldn’t you think twice before entering a place that might be clean in appearance but filled with choking smell? The worst case scenario is for public toilets where it is impossible to track the number of users, and thus the stink ends up trapped amidst those four walls. Don’t worry, we have the solution in the form of an odor detector. Read more to find out!

 The Stinking Problem 

What is the primary reason that stops you from using public toilets? The fetid odor and poor sanitation instantly get on every nerve of the body. Isn’t it?

As per the data, 61% of the world’s population, or almost 4.2 billion people, are devoid of access to securely managed sanitation services. The developing and the under-developed nations are the worst-hit by this atrocity. Poor sanitation, dissemination of fecal microbes, and associated water-borne diseases continue to elevate the health-based risks. The resultant morbidities and mortalities further lead to the downfall of the economy. 

Lack of sanitation is one of the factors that prompt people to defecate in the open despite options being available. Fecal malodor is a composite mixture of nitrogen- and sulphur-based compounds which are principal to human excreta. It also contains fatty acids and other compounds in trace amounts. There is an unfulfilled need for an efficient sensor-based technology that takes care of the malodor that stinks from public washrooms or those in the railway coaches. 

 Our Solution- Odor Detector 

Prana Air offers an efficient and effective solution to this nightmare of a problem in the form of an odor detector. Our instrument consists of a relay and a controller to save the struggle of manual maintenance of toilets.

Prana Air Odor Detector- How does it work?

The odor detector would detect the specific compound that releases the odor. As soon as the concentration would exceed the set threshold value, the relay will activate the exhaust system. The eviction of the stink in the ambient environment would balance the indoor concentrations. The exhaust will automatically switch off as the value retreats within the limit.

 The monitor-cum-controller with wondrous features! 

Features of Odor Detector

  • Ease of deployment. 

The ease of connecting the odor detector with the exhaust system and deploying it in the washrooms is unbelievable. What’s even better is that the user can monitor the readings and retrieve the data via our exclusive dashboard.

  • Cost-effective 

Our odor detection device is one-time golden investment. It is easy on pockets as it saves the time and cost of manual cleaning at regular intervals.

  • Low maintenance

Our device wouldn’t let you fret about maintenance as it comes with robust long-lasting sensors that would only draw attention for saving time and money.

  • Saves manpower

Using odor detector wouldn’t require much effort of cleaning the area repeatedly.

  • Saves Electricity

The device operates on low power and thus, saves considerable amount of energy. Clearing the malodor with our device would take you one step closer towards sustainability.

  • Low power consumption

It takes up only a few microwatt worth of power for a smooth operation. Moreover, the exhaust would only run when the malodor concentration exceeds the threshold. Therefore, conserving a substantial amount of power.

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