Indoor PM2.5 Sensor

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PAS-IN-01 is an optically designed industrial-grade, digital laser sensor to measure particulate matter. It comes with a built-in laser and photoelectric receiving module. Different than its contemporaries, PAS-IN-01 is calibrated for PM10 and PM2.5 separately. It works on the principle of 90° light scattering. The light that strikes the aperture of the mirror within the range of 90° is reflected towards the sensor. The photodiode registers pulse for as long as the light is reflected. The electrical signal thus received is converted into concentration of particulate matter by specific algorithms.

The indoor PM2.5 sensor has been created with finesse and precision, and finds its applications in:

  • Air Purifiers
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitors
  • HVAC Ventilation Systems
  • Automobile and Aeronautical Industries
  • Aviation Instruments
  • Research laboratories


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