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Do you find yourself or any other family member complaining about a constant headache or a cold and cough? Are symptoms like skin rash, red-watery eyes, consistent rise-drop of body temperature a common occurrence?

It is about time you paid attention to it. It might just be a result of indoor air pollution that has become more common than one can imagine. With the constant change and advancement in human behavior and necessities, less attention is paid towards the place where we live and the air that we breathe. While a decade ago we were more concerned about the pollution that was caused on the streets, with changing times the air indoors is also becoming extremely unsafe.

It is very important to have a check of the air quality inside our workplace or our homes because we spend most of our time residing in either. Carbon Monoxide, pesticides, and daily use of other chemicals are common causes of the pollution of the air that is present indoors. Scientific evidence has shown that air pollution has reached a distressing high in the North Indian region. The government has also released various threats that suggest a check for symptoms of fatigue, irritable eyes, dizziness and severe headaches.

We understand that it is impossible to monitor oneself all the time. It becomes even more challenging when living inside your house becomes a challenging task when you need to constantly check about the air that you are inhaling.

Don’t worry! We are here to help you with the best ways to prevent yourself from indoor air pollution:

Do Not Smoke Inside Your House

indoor air pollution

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Did you know cigarette smoke contains 70% carcinogenic substances and toxins that can remain inside your room for a long time? Long enough to harm you without your knowledge. If your non-smoking family members are exposed to the smell or the smoke they might develop respiratory issues, a chronic heart or other lung related issues.

Keep Indoor House Plants

indoor air pollution

Imagine a window with such view and fresh air

Not only indoor house plants serve as great home decor, but they also have the ability to remove indoor toxic pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde. One can also have a kitchen garden or a small garden space by the windows that eliminate the harmful elements present in the air giving way to fresh air.

Use Of Recycled Products

indoor air pollution

Instead of discarding the plastic bottles, paint them into a beautiful showpiece

It takes more energy, time and natural resources to create new things. In the process of creating things, we are also increasing the carbon footprints leading to Global warming. By introducing recycled products into our lives, we are only doing ourselves a favor. Rather than buying plastic products, opt for recycled products that are now 100% organic. Many recycled products also come with seeds implanted in them. This can grow into a plant after usage! Isn’t it great?

Save Energy to Save Yourself

When indoors, saving energy is essential. Encourage everyone to consume a limited source of energy. It is such as turning off electronic devices when not in use, switching off the lights, air-conditioner, and fans when not in the room. Refrain from wasting water by reusing the water used for washing and cleaning for other activities like watering plants for instance.

Also, support companies who are committed to sustainable manufacturing products and provide a helping hand in reducing the pollution in the environment.

Other simple things that one can do
  • Use of doormats to remove the dirt particles stuck in shoes.

  • Avoid scented products such as air fresheners, incense sticks, and candles. They pollute the air with potential pollutants like paradichlorobenzene and limonene.

  • Keep your washroom and toilets properly ventilated.

  • Maintaining the indoor humidity below 50 percent to prevent mold growth.

  • Make sure that the indoors are well-lit, clean and has proper ventilation. Open windows for natural light.

If you keep tending to the needs of aircheck, you are doing yourself and your dear ones a huge favor. Indoor Air Pollution is an instant threat that needs to be tackled before it becomes a bigger issue.

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