Air Pollution10 Things You Need To Know About Air Pollution

Many people around the world are not breathing clean air. People are dying of air pollution every year. Indoor air pollution is as dangerous as outdoor pollution. People in low and middle countries can’t access the clean cooking fuel yet at the maximum level. Women and children are affected mostly by indoor air pollution. Understand these 10 things you need to know about air pollution.

Here are 10 things you need to know air pollution.

  1. 9 out of 10 person breathe polluted air.
  2. Every year, 7 million people die due to air pollution, 4 million death from indoor air pollution.
  3. 91% of deaths are in low and middle-income countries mostly in south-east Asia and western Pacigic regions.
  4. Countries should have better planning & policies for urban, regulate dirty emissions and ban polluting vehicles.
  5. Paticulate matter, PM2.5 – is really small that it can pass many of the human body’s protecting armours to destroy our lungs, heart and brain.
  6. Air pollution mostly affects children like respiratory issues, cancel, cognitice impairment in infact and adolescents.
  7. Indoor pollution is a big problem. 3 billion people can’t access to clean fuel for cooking. Women and children are affected mostly as they send longer time in indoor using polluting stoves and lamps.
  8. People, once they’ve got the option, utilize cleaner burning technology and fuels to household activities such as cooking, heating or lighting; avoid draining waste and recycle as far as you possibly can, and walk or cycle rather than forcing automobiles.
  9. The main pollutants like particulate matter, solid and liquid droplets are coming from fuel combustion, NO2 from road traffic, O3 at ground level caused by the reaction of sunlight with pollutants from industrial and vehicle emissions; SO2 from burning fossile fuels.
  10. Drastic climate change is happening on our planet due to air pollution.

Source: WHO