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You can easily control the air quality in your home, but can you also control the quality of the air in your office? Let’s find out how an office air purifier can control and improves the air quality at your workspace.

With so many people working together in an office space, dirt, dust, and other debris can build up quickly. Any office renovation or new building construction also adds the influence of indoor air pollution. Poor air quality can lead one to Sick Building Syndrome which affects the employees anytime, anywhere when they are inside on the premises. If you see a colleague complaining about headaches, breathing problem, coughing or fever while on the job, it could be due to indoor air pollution.

Most people spend up to 90% of their time inside, and many spend working in the office environment. A recent study suggests that the indoor environment has a high level of air pollutants than the air outside. While the majority of the air quality in large buildings is affected due to the actions of building management, there are a few things that you can do to improve the air quality in your office, cubicles, canteen space and other workspace areas.

The air quality in your office is important for many reasons. The air flow and circulation that is the number of times the air inside is replaced by the air flow outside – is one of the important factors that affect the indoor air quality. In an enclosed space, the pollutants present inside tend to build up and, in more concentration, becoming a harmful air pollutant. 

How can you improve the quality of the air in your office?

There are ways to improve the air quality and keep the employees happy and healthy in an office environment. To lower the chance of your staff getting sick and raise the level of the air quality, here are a few things which can be well implemented.

Keep the vents open and unblocked:

If there is any furniture, boxes or any other items which are blocking the path of the air vents. The air inside the office space will not circulate properly and it may cause to unwanted health issues.

Maintain a healthy level of humidity:

Humidity between 30-50 percentile helps keep dust mites, mold and allergens under control. Use air conditioners and dehumidifiers to control the humidity level in the office.  

Add plants and use fresh air:

Excess moisture supports the growth of mold and causes severe health risks. Understand this, remediating mold damage is more expensive. Therefore clean up any spills or leaks as soon as you see them. Plants add beauty to the office décor, but also helps in absorbing toxins present in the air and produce more oxygen which makes it easy for the employees to breathe easily.

Have the air quality testing:

Experts in the air quality have the tool. And they will understand how to measure the quality of the air inside your office premises. It is recommended to get the air quality tested every now and then. So, they can tell you exactly what needs to be done and how to improve the bad air quality moving forward.

Keep your office clean:

One of the important factors of healthy workspace is always to keep your office clean. Regular vacuum, sanitization of the office restrooms, deep cleaning of the furniture and rug & carpet is a must do to ensure your employees’ health safety.


One can use a high-quality office air purifier to eradicate indoor pollution in office. But the question is which air purifier is the best one for the office environment?

Office Air Purifier

Prana Air Purifier


Prana air purifier applies a state of art technology that decontaminates the indoor air of harmful particles and toxic gases with an impeccable success rate of 99.9%. The device has an in-built ionizer that cleanses the environment from the negative ions. That is the potential source of any form of infection.  The ionizer creates fresh air inside the room, which also elevates the mental well-being of the inmates.  The device has a capacity of Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) of 334m3/h particulate matter and 200 m3/h formaldehyde that enables its excellent service delivery.

To avoid the employees getting sick building syndrome, upgrade the quality of the air.  By installing our portable office air purifier that is the perfect solution to a clean and healthy office environment.

Learn more about Prana Air Purifier and its many features, check our product specification page here.

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